Mitacs Internship Support

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Improve graduate industry-readiness to meet R&D challenges across all sectors 

The Mitacs intern program supports student and post-doctoral interns, professors, and Alberta businesses working in emerging technology areas in creating collaborative research partnerships. The program leverages federal and industry funds to provide students with paid internship opportunities in STEM disciplines, business, social sciences, and the humanities. Alberta Innovates is pleased to provide Mitacs with $800,000 per year to administer the program. 

How the program works

A graduate student, a supervising professor and a partner organization (either a business or not-for profit organization) work together to develop a research project. Applicants submit a proposal, and selected projects receive $15,000 in funding for each four-month internship.The business or non-profit partner provides half of the funding.  

Current funding opportunities

This program is currently closed for applications.

Two streams of support for Alberta graduates 


This stream provides post-doctoral students with up to two years to develop a research plan that aligns with a private or not-for-profit organization’s research project under the co-supervision of the organization and an academic. This stream addresses a shortage of skilled Research & Development managers in Alberta while building receptor capacity for innovation leaders.


This stream provides funding for graduate student internships lasting a minimum of four months. This enables graduate students additional academic training with professional skills development and experiential learning opportunities.

How the program works

  1. Academics may apply to either the Elevate or Accelerate streams through the MITACS website.
  2. To be eligible for Mitacs internship funding through Alberta Innovates, your industry partner has to be an SME or InnoTech Alberta.
  3. Your industry partner pays half of the intern’s salary to Mitacs.
  4. Mitacs transfers the full salary to your academic institution using the industry contribution and the match from Mitacs using AI funds.
  5. You pay the intern’s salary using industry and Mitacs contributions.


For more information about Mitacs and to submit an application, visit the Mitacs website