Product ScaleUp Pilot Program

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Helping Alberta SME’s refine innovation

We created the Product ScaleUp Pilot Program to propel Alberta SMEs, with $750K or greater in annual revenue, forward as they refine and iterate their highly scalable digital technologies.

The program is a grant of up to $100,000 for one year for qualified SMEs to hire a product associate with expertise in developing, commercializing, and scaling digital technology using a product management model. A matching percentage is required, and the successful applicant must begin work on or before January 4, 2021.  

Companies that qualify for the program

Supported SME’s must have technologies with strong product validation and revenue, proven product-market fit, and a strong commercialization strategy.

A matching contribution of 25 percent of the total salary is required, with Alberta Innovates providing up to $100,000 for one year.

Product associate

The product associate must have expertise in developing, commercializing, and scaling digital technology using a product management model.

Preference will be given to Alberta-based product associates or those attracted to relocate to Alberta for the role.

Requests may be made to hire a product associate as a remote employee. There must, however, be strong justification for this arrangement.

Product associates can be hired on a part- or full-time basis, with part time product associate funding being prorated according to FTE percentage worked.

Peer-to-peer network approach

This program uses a peer-to-peer network approach, connecting cohort members via a dedicated community portal. Successful applicants will receive ongoing virtual product management training for the leadership team and associate throughout the term of the program that may include topics such as:

  1. What is a product associate? How do they create value?
  2. Self-assessment – map your gaps
  3. ScaleUp expansion strategies
  4. Vision/Strategy – development and evolution by stage
  5. Financial bootcamp for ScaleUp CPO
  6. Product operations and data drive practices
  7. Product/organization alignment
  8. How to become a ScaleUp executive influencer
  9. Your seat at the board table
  10. Presenting to and communicating with different stakeholders

How the program works

The Product ScaleUp Pilot Program will be accepting applications from September 29, 2020 to November 13, 2020.

Are you interested in submitting a new application? 

  1. Familiarize yourself with the program documents below.
  2. Connect with a Technology Development Advisor.
  3. Access applicant portal to submit your application online.
  4. Any questions? Contact Ayo Aiyeleye at or 780-450-5305.


Program Metrics

Learn more about how we measure progress with the Technology Commercialization Scorecard.

Program documents

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