Strategic Networking and Development Grants

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Enabling emerging technologies discovery, development and use through key events

Emerging technologies offer the promise of new industries and transformative solutions to challenges across Alberta’s key sectors. Bringing Alberta’s innovators and tech talent together along with industry and other key stakeholders is critical to create, develop and use technology to create new futures.

Our Strategic Networking and Development Program provides funding to support high impact networking, workshops, gatherings, competitions, educational and experiential programming and events in emerging technologies that achieve the following:

  • Connect Alberta’s tech talent and expertise including researchers, other innovators and students with each other and with industry, including the Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) / start-up community, Multinational Enterprises (MNEs), and other technology end-users and stakeholders.
  • Explore Alberta-based collaborations between and within members of academia, industry, community, and government.
  • Provide experiential learning opportunities for students (K-12 to post-secondary) in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), especially in the emerging technology areas listed below.
  • Develop entrepreneurial thinking and skillsets in a tech setting, helping to prepare students/innovators for their futures in Alberta.

Eligible applications

To be considered for funding, projects must have a focus on emerging technologies development or use:

AI's emerging tech areas


The intended outcomes of the activity or event include the following:

  • Increased collaboration between Alberta’s post secondary institutions, not-for-profits, industry (SMEs and MNEs), and other technology end-users and stakeholders;
  • Increased work readiness and access to employment opportunities for Alberta tech talent;
  • Increased intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship education and experiential learning opportunities for Alberta students;
  • Increased delivery of programming by and for key partners, to develop talent to become Alberta’s future leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators contributing to a stronger entrepreneurial culture in the province;
  • Increased awareness/profile of Alberta’s research and innovation capabilities to support recruitment and collaboration efforts.

How the program works


We accept applications for support of up to $25,000 per project. The maximum term for a project is one year.

How to apply

We accept applications at any time and they are reviewed regularly. Applications should be submitted a minimum of eight weeks before the activity start date.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the program resources below.
  2. To start the application process, contact the program coordinator with a project description to ensure alignment to the program requirements.
  3. Submit an intake form through our application portal. Please ensure you use the Post Secondary Investments & Emerging Technologies (PSIET) form found under the Funding Opportunities tab.

Program resources