Strategic Networking and Development Grants

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Enabling research and collaboration through key events

Conferences, workshops and competitions help advance research and development goals by bringing together researchers, graduate students, experts, and entrepreneurs. These events are an important part of building on ideas and moving key research forward in emerging technologies.

Alberta Innovates supports Campus Alberta post-secondary institutions seeking to host or attend conferences, workshops and competitions in the areas of information and communications technology (ICT), nanotechnology and -omics through the Strategic Networking and Development Grants program. 

Current funding opportunities

This program is an open call. Apply now!  

How the program works


Alberta Innovates welcomes proposals for hosting, conference attendance, workshops and recruitment activities. Awards of up to $10,000 are provided to support academic and industry-academic collaborations that enhance Alberta research in emerging technology areas. 

Eligible proposals

The event or activity proposed must advance Alberta’s research focus in ICT, nanotechnology and/or -omics. Generally speaking, the event should occur in Alberta, but in some cases travel to workshops or international competitions may be eligible. The primary motive for supporting the workshop or conference must be to recruit researchers and students, raise the profile of Alberta and Alberta Innovates system, and/or to enable research collaboration. 

Eligible event types include:

  • A recognized, high-quality conference or worskhop
  • A smaller, intensive gathering of focused participants
  • A recruitment event for high quality students
  • Hosting or travel costs for a competition

How to apply

Proposals are accepted at any time and are reviewed regularly. Please note that it may take up to two months to review your application. To submit a proposal, please request an application form from the program contact listed below. 

Proposals should describe in five pages or less:

  • The proposed planning, strategizing or recruiting activity;
  • Area of research;
  • Approach, objectives, plan and schedule;
  • Connection to current Alberta research or researchers;
  • Proposed participant or participants;
  • Evaluation process and next steps;
  • Funding request; and
  • Overall budget, and indication of proportion being requested.

Outcomes and impact

The participation of Alberta’s post-secondary institutions in conferences, workshops, competitions and recruitment events is expected to have significant benefits for the province. Enabling researchers to attend these events enables both academic and industry-academic collaboration, allows post-secondary institutes to recruit highly-qualified staff to key research projects, provides professional development opportunities, builds Alberta’s reputation as a hub of innovation, and increases the province’s research outputs. 

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