Strategic Research Projects

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Providing strategic funding for new technologies

Emerging technologies in fields such as information & communications technology, nanotechnology, and -omics have the potential to generate economic growth, improved environmental outcomes, and better healthcare services for Albertans.

This program provides funding to support priority-driven research, innovation and training in key sectors at eligible Campus Alberta post-secondary institutions. 

Current Funding Opportunities

This program is currently closed for applications. 

Funding Decisions

Strategic Research Projects has funded 29 projects to date, with a total amount equaling $20.2 million. You can see our previously funding programs here.

How the program works


We issue a call for proposals to address a current need for research and innovation in a key area, and provide funding to projects from from post-secondary institutions that address that need.

Eligible proposals

We accept proposals ranging from early-stage research to technology solutions with market potential, so long as the project aligns with the current call’s priorities. Funding can be used 

Outcomes and impact

Strategic Research Projects funding enables the development of emerging technologies, encourages the employment and retention of highly-qualified personnel in Alberta, grows and diversifies the provincial economy, and generates better results for Albertans in essential areas such as business development, product production and distribution, environmental management, and healthcare.