Province announces major funding to help transition to a low-carbon economy

Dec 7, 2017

The Government of Alberta announced $1.4 billion, over 7 years, to fund clean technology innovation projects.

The innovation funding has five categories, including $225M that will be administered through Alberta Economic Development and Trade, Alberta Innovates (AI) and Emissions Reduction Alberta. This support includes $145 million for the new Climate Change Innovation and Technology Framework (CCITF), a new fund to help manage government investments in research, innovation and technology and help commercialize products.

The CCITF is a framework to support and achieve the goals of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan through innovation and technology. Alberta Innovates has been working with EDT on the CCITF program designs and outcomes. This investment in innovation and technology is critical for achieving these goals.John Zhou, Vice President, Clean Energy, Alberta Innovates

AI and its partners will be looking to support businesses that are developing and deploying clean technology, facilities, business support networks and field demonstrations. AI will administer funds through continuous intake and open competition opportunities over a three-year period. More details will be made available soon.

To learn more, read the Government of Alberta press release.

About the Climate Change Innovation and Technology Framework

The CCITF serves as the overarching guide for the investment of funds for innovation and clean technology from the pricing of carbon emissions. The Framework will support investments in clean innovation across many technology areas, including cleaner oil and gas, renewable energy, green products and services, and other areas.