Managing Director, Technology and Innovation
InnoTech Alberta

Ross Chow and his team manage a suite of programs and services directed towards supporting entrepreneurs, companies, researchers and investors to build sustainable businesses in Alberta. They offer technical services, funding programs and regionally accessible commercialization support.

Ross has more than 30 years of experience conducting and managing applied research. This work has been conducted over a variety of industrial sectors including mineable oil sands, water treatment, pulp and paper and surface treatment of crude oils.

Adding to his extensive experience, he has been involved in growing an applied research and development group dealing with surface separation issues for Athabasca in situ operations; managed the Mineable Oil Sands business unit at the Alberta Research Council; co-authored a business opportunity document for the Centre for Advancement in Forestry Innovation; and led the Agrifibre Strategic Initiative, a multi-year program looking to use agricultural fibres for the production of pulp, paper and panels.

Ross is adept at giving presentations on a variety of technically challenging areas and has conducted industry-sponsored research projects on a number of industrial processes. He has 23 publications to his credit and holds three patents.

Ross sits on the C-FER Technologies Board. He has a M.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Alberta. In his down time, he enjoys fishing, hunting and golf.