Strategic Research Projects – Funding Decisions

Apr 5, 2019

We are pleased to announce our Strategic Research Project Program funding decisions for February 2019 and earlier.

We have funded 29 projects to date with a total amount equaling $20.2 million.

Learn more about the projects, leads and institutions we’ve supported below.

Strategic Research Projects – Funding Decisions
Projects to Date: Funded Amount:
29 $20.2 million

Strategic Research Projects – Emerging Technologies Call (February 2019)

Funded Project: Lead: Institution:
PRIME: Pharmacogenomics for the Prevention of Adverse Drug Reactions in Mental Health Katherine Aitchison University of Alberta
Connecting diamond photonics to high quality qubits and fiber optic networks Paul Barclay University of Calgary
Data-enabled and Al Empowered Reservoir Modelling and Simulation Zhangxing (John) Chen University of Calgary
Accelerate Deployment of Quantum Technologies for Alberta John Davis University of Alberta
A wavelength interrogation instrument for fiber-sensor-based pipeline leak detection Ray DeCorby University of Alberta
Genetically-Encoded Technology for Mapping of the Human Glycome Ratmir Derda University of Alberta
High-Value Plant Metabolite Production in Synthetic Biosystems Peter Facchini University of Calgary
Integrated Urban Mobility through Emerging Transportation Technologies Lina Kattan University of Calgary
Development of a novel nano-engineered device for clinical islet transplantation Greg Korbutt University of Alberta
Microwave Quantum Memories Lindsay Leblanc University of Alberta
Automated Decision-Support and Communication Tool for Acute Stroke (STAT-Stroke) Bijoy Menon University of Calgary
Intelligent Integrated Sensors and Antennas Pedram Mousavi University of Alberta
Towards Targeting Persistent Hepatitis B Virus Infection Trushar Patel University of Lethbridge
Combating the canola clubroot disease through a combined approach using traditional breeding and ‘omics’ tools Habibur Rahman University of Alberta
Graphene Manufacturing by Electrochemical Exfoliation Edward Roberts University of Calgary
Smart Nanocomposite Membranes: Harnessing Clean Water and Clean Energy from Alberta’s Oil Sands Mohtada Sadrzadeh University of Alberta
Advanced Materials for Precision Health in Dialysis Larry Unsworth University of Alberta
Responsive Nanomaterials and Nano-hybrids for Emerging Technologies – An ATUMS Initiative Jonathan Veinot University of Alberta
Additive nanoscale manufacturing of next-generation energy efficient lighting Gregory Welch University of Calgary
Deploying a single-molecule experimental/computational platform for drug discovery in neurodegenerative disease Michael Woodside University of Alberta


Strategic Research Projects Initiative (February 2017)

Funded Project: Lead: Institution:
Energy Storage and CO2 Conversion to Fuels Using Novel Nanomaterials Viola Birss University of Calgary
The Development of a Web-based UAV Data Processing Engine for Mapping, Monitoring, and Emergency Response Applications Naser El-Sheimy University of Calgary
Kiosk: A Self-Service Cloud Computing Platform Majid Ghaderi University of Calgary
 Rational Design of Multifunctional Devices for Molecular Electronics Richard McCreery University of Alberta
Synergistic development of solid sorbents and processes for CO2 separations George Shimizu University of Calgary
Nanostructured Complex Fluids for Enhanced Oil Recovery Applications Milana Trifkovic University of Calgary
Identification of novel drugs that target metabolic pathways in parasitic roundworms of cattle James Wasmuth University of Calgary
 Nano-Enabled Electronic and Ultra-Sharp Tip Technology Robert Wolkow University of Alberta
Development of new pain therapeutics Gerald Zamponi University of Calgary