InnoTech Alberta facility helping develop possible $1-billion Canadian hemp industry

Aug 16, 2017

InnoTech Alberta’s research centre is on the cutting edge of a booming Canadian hemp industry one scientist predicts will be worth $1 billion annually within a few years. That’s roughly five times the industrial hemp industry’s current approximately $200-million value, but InnoTech Alberta’s Jan Slaski says the business is poised to become larger. Over the last 17 years, Slaski has been leading research aimed at introduction and breeding of hemp varieties that suit the needs of the fibre and food industries on the prairies. His office is already crammed with such hemp items as insulated construction blocks; erosion control mats; lightweight, dent-resistant car parts; and a longboard made from a fibreglass-like bio-composite, not to mention beer, granola and Grande Prairie’s Stoked Vodka.

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