Digital Health Summit

Digital health innovation – reimagining healthcare

Join us on January 26, 2021 from 9 a.m – 12 p.m. MST in bringing digital health to centre stage with the Digital Health Summit, part of Inventures Unbound and Alberta Innovates Digital Health Strategy. Hear directly from thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers to explore what’s possible in digital health and how to get there.

Health innovation is occurring at an increasingly rapid pace – with digital health driving the future of healthcare.

Healthcare providers, policy makers and consumers alike are seeking new, more effective
and efficient ways to access and provide services.

Digital and data-enabled technologies are driving the development of patient-focused and personalized clinical solutions, new models of care, and an acceleration of research into innovation that forms the foundation of a more affordable, accessible, and high-quality healthcare system.

Forging new frontiers in digital health

New and innovative technologies are emerging in digital health, driven by the rising cost of healthcare, aging populations and changing consumer expectations. Explore the opportunities and complexities
of commercializing technologies into the health system, the hurdles to overcome in gaining adoption and the social and legislative aspects of digital health.

Healthier communities through digital innovation

Enabling community wellness is an area where digital health can have an outsized impact on quality of life and health outcomes. We will examine the social determinants, technology solutions and the role
of community organizations and the not-for-profit sector in building community health capacity through digital innovation.

The opportunities – and responsibilities – of digital health

Data is quickly becoming a key asset in driving digital health solutions. With this trend comes the responsibility to protect the privacy and integrity of patient and clinical data as it is gathered, shared and used. Learn about the drivers of data infrastructure, the ecosystem needs and the governance and ethical considerations of health data.

Health in human hands: the personalization of care

Technology is inspiring consumers to take a more active role in monitoring and managing their own health and wellness. Explore how innovators are leveraging digital technology to create an efficient and informed system that not only responds to patient needs, but also proactively partners with communities and individuals to improve overall health.

The Digital Health Summit is a must attend event for healthcare professionals, innovators, industry and policy makers.

There is no cost for the Digital Health Summit.

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Date & Time

Jan 26, 2021
9:00 am - 12:00 pm