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The Innovation Rodeo

The 5th annual Innovation Rodeo is presented by Bow Valley College and is co-sponsored by Alberta Innovates. It’s five afternoons of keynote presenters, panel discussions and pitch competitions with the entrepreneurial journey at its heart.

The Innovation Rodeo runs Monday to Friday afternoon during what would have been Stampede week. It helps like-minded innovators, aspiring entrepreneurs and other ecosystem builders to build new connections and learn how to:

  • Innovate faster
  • Validate sooner
  • Differentiate better
  • Get new products to market earlier
  • Reach positive cash flow quicker

Each day focuses on different parts of the entrepreneurial journey. We’ll share ideas, resources and experiences that accelerate the creation and development of scalable and investment-ready businesses.

An image depicting the various stages of the entrepreneurial journey
startup commons model – the entrepreneurial journey

Learn how Alberta Innovates’ Technology Development Advisors can help you on your entrepreneurial journey!

What you’ll find at the Innovation Rodeo

  • Five keynote speeches on how to start, scale and exit a business;
  • 15 of the world’s best sales experts from the United States and Canada;
  • Five different pitch competitions that awards $25,000 to first time student entrepreneurs; and
  • Throughout the week participants will learn of new tools, exchange ideas, and share connections while developing the relationships, skills, and confidence needed to create and commercialize ideas faster.


  • Monday: Valto Loikkanen will show you how to master the keys to company development while moving through the six different stages of the Startup Commons Model (pictured above).
    • Melinda Emerson shares how to become your own boss.
  • Tuesday: Ideating & Concepting with Valto Loikkanen, five top sales experts will share how founders can generate early sales and get paying customers.
    • Also features the first of three regional student pitch competitions.
  • Wednesday: Committing and Validating with Valto Loikkanen, five top sales experts will share how to hire your first sales person and build a high performing sales team.
    • the second of three regional student pitch competitions.
  • Thursday: Scaling and Establishing with Valto Loikkanen, five top sales experts will share how to grow faster by maximizing lead generation, prospecting, social selling and sales funnel management.
    • the last of three regional student pitch competitions.
  • Friday: Building and Exiting a Billion Dollar Business with the Managing Director of the San Francisco base Alchemist Accelerator, Ravi Belani.
    • two final pitch competitions that give away $17,500 in cash, three $12,000 US Scholarships and all the ticket proceeds from the event.

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You can purchase day tickets or a discounted week pass. Tickets start at just $10 for students, $15 for startups and $20 for scaleups and everyone else.

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Bow Valley College

Date & Time

Jul 06 - 10, 2020
11:30 am - 4:00 pm