Introduction to Advisor Team Planning

Your potential customers are going to engage with your business in numerous ways and you may not always be the person they are dealing with. You never want customers or suppliers/distributors to experience negative interactions (customer relationships) and this is why it is important to assess where these touchpoints are (key activities), who engages at the touchpoints (key partners, key resources, channels), and who you can count on for advice or assistance (Key Partners, Advisor Team). Often entrepreneurs will only think about the surface of the structures and the titles or key areas of operation.

We will explore why it is also important to think critically of how the people upholding these areas will carry out their role, your service standards, and how you can develop a framework that you can use to keep clarity and accountability around staffing for your operation’s needs.

Technology Development Advisor Lindsay Spadaveccjia
Lindsay Spadavecchia

Presented by Lindsay Spadavecchia, Technology Development Advisor, Alberta Innovates and Bill Halley, Business Development Advisor, Tecconnect.

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Date & Time

Dec 12, 2019
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm