Water Innovation Connect Series #3: Technology Development

Technology development is a journey from ideation to proof-of-concept to pilots to commercialization. The final leap to commercialization is often the hardest and can be enabled by having the right partners/end-users in place to help pull the technology to market.


  • Howie Honeyman, Forward Water, Forward Water Technologies Field Pilot Unit – Design, Build, Trial
  • Zac Young, H2nanO Incorporated, Sustainable Sunlight Treatment for Accelerated Oil Sands Process-Affected Water Remediation
  • Greg Piorkowski, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Advancing Denitrifying Bioreactors as a Beneficial Management Practice for Agricultural Drainage Waters in Alberta

Presenter Bios

Howie Honeyman
CEO & President, Forward Water

Howie has over 20 years experience commercializing advanced materials and new technologies in both start-up environments and at large multi-national corporations. He has led the Forward Water Technologies as CEO since mid-2015 and was recently the CTO at GreenCentre Canada. Previously, Howie has led research efforts at Xerox Corp, Cabot Corp and E Ink as well as serving as SVP of R&D at Natrix Separations Inc. Notably, while at E Ink he developed the key features used in E Ink e-paper displays used in e-readers today. Howie has a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Toronto and is an inventor of record on over 40 US patents.

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Zac Young
Chief Operating Officer, H2nanO

Zac is Chief Operating Officer and a co-founder at H2nanO Inc., creating sustainable, light-activated water treatment and remediation technology, including process water in Alberta’s energy and mining industry. Zac is an alumnus of the University of Waterloo, with degrees in Chemical and Nanotechnology Engineering, where he studied as a Loran Scholar. Prior to H2nanO, Zac contributed to two advanced materials start-ups in medical and automotive tech, and a Junior Fellow with Engineers Without Borders Canada.

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Greg Piorkowski
Watershed Research Scientist, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Greg is a Watershed Research Scientist with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. His current work spans a variety of projects from optimizing agricultural beneficial management practices for use in the Canadian Prairies to watershed-scale studies that focus on the relationship between agricultural activity and aquatic ecosystems. Altogether, Greg has over ten years of experience in applied research focusing on soil and water quality and the mitigation of ecological and human health risks in the agricultural, mining, and energy sectors. Greg lives in Edmonton with his wife, two incredible boys and two incorrigible dogs, who he likes to take on adventures in the Rocky Mountains and beyond.  

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