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Product Demonstration Program

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The Product Demonstration program has been designed to support innovation and creative problem-solving for Alberta small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The purpose of the program is to stimulate the development and commercialization of novel technological or business solutions, while generating material risk-weighted returns on investment to the Province of Alberta based on economic, social or environmental metrics. Depending on their needs, eligible companies can apply for funding up to $300,000 to help cover the costs for the purpose of business and technology development.

This program operates on an open-call basis, meaning applications are accepted and reviewed on a continuum. Information on the outcome of the application will be emailed as a PDF document to the applicant representative approximately six to eight weeks after Alberta Innovates receives the application. Information will not be provided over the telephone or via email prior to the official letter release.

All applicants are expected to be ready to commit to the proposed program project, both financially and time-wise, at the time of application. Applicants must make the appropriate arrangements to have an authorized person sign the agreement letter and issue the required deposit payment. Alberta Innovates will not allow a delay for signature or payment.

How to apply

The Product Demonstration Program is designed to support technologies in the more advanced stages of development. The Product Demonstration Program is intended to fund SMEs to work in collaboration with at least one strategic partner that can facilitate prototype field testing and/or provide the SME access to supply and sales channels, and provide the SME access to potential customers.

Alberta Innovates’ investment to a successful applicant is in the range of $100,001 to $300,000. The funding is paid to the applicant named in the application. The funds are provided to cover eligible expenses for any one of more of the following activities:

  • Technology optimization critical for market acceptance
  • Manufacturing of a prototype for a demonstration project
  • Applications for regulatory approval and certifications critical for market acceptance
  • Testing of a prototype in an operational environment
  • Results assessment or verification of technical data.

To complete online applications for this program, please visit our Applicant Portal

Before submitting your application, familiarize yourself with program documentation. For companies that executed a PDP agreement prior to March 1, 2018, please use these documents:

For companies that executed a PDP agreement after March 1, 2018, or have yet to submit a PDP application, please use these documents::

Program Contact Information

Name: Dayna Misener
Title: Program Associate
Phone: 780-450-5256
Email: Dayna.Misener@albertainnovates.ca