Our two subsidiaries provide a critical bridge by linking the research & innovation system with industry to solve real-world challenges. They test, de-risk, scale and validate ideas and prototypes – increasing the odds for successful and accelerated commercialization and market adoption.

Together, our subsidiaries are uniquely positioned to facilitate technology development and deployment that sustain and grow Alberta’s core and emerging industries.

InnoTech Alberta

InnoTech offers its clients access to world-class experts and industrial-scale facilities to transition new or improved technologies, processes, or products into use.

InnoTech has been playing a key role in Alberta innovation for more than a hundred years. Its predecessor organization, the Science and Industrial Research Council of Alberta, was established by the province in 1921.

C-FER Technologies

C-FER Technologies provides applied engineering services and testing to advance safety, efficiency, and environmental performance in partnership with the energy industry.

C-FER was first incorporated in 1983 with a grant from the Devonian Foundation of Calgary. C-FER became a subsidiary of the Alberta Research Council (later Albert Innovates) in 1999.