InnoTech bridges the gap between early-stage research and innovation, and commercial application or industrial end use.

The world-class experts, leading-edge facilities, and strategic investments at InnoTech are paving the path of innovation that will feed, grow, fuel, and build Alberta’s future economy. InnoTech helps business and industry partners reduce their impact on the environment, improve operations and transition their innovations into the market.


InnoTech’s core areas of business are wide-ranging: From bioindustrial and biocomposite products and processes to plant sciences, environmental research, analysis, and monitoring; from oil sands extraction to carbon fibre spinning to oil and gas asset retirement and restoration; from smart industrial solutions to chemical testing and analysis, InnoTech has the expertise to scale technology towards commercialization.

InnoTech is also conducting activities in growth areas for the province. These include development of products from bitumen; carbon capture, utilization and decarbonization; hydrogen technologies; and advanced manufacturing and materials.

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