Not everyone might consider themselves an innovator. But innovation can happen anywhere if someone comes up with a new or better way of doing things.  

We drive innovation by providing funding, coaching, connections, facilities, and expertise to: 

Post-secondary researchers and students 
Companies of all sizes 
Partner organizations, collaborators, and government clients  

Post-secondary students and researchers 

Alberta’s post-secondary institutions help drive innovation and our programs offer grant funding to researchers making promising discoveries in emerging technologies. We provide scholarships for graduate students conducting full-time research, and fund priority-driven research, innovation and training in emerging technologies. 

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Sometimes entrepreneurs need a helping hand to succeed. From coaching and mentorship to community connections and access to capital, supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem is one of our five areas of economic focus.  

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Companies of all sizes 

We believe in working with private-sector companies, industry groups and other strategic partners to help diversify our economy and attract investment to Alberta. We offer multiple programs to work with larger and medium-sized companies to drive innovation in Alberta.  

Browse our funding programs designed for multi-national enterprises and small to medium enterprises

Partner organizations, collaborators, and government clients

Working together, we can achieve more than we can apart. We serve all parts of the Government of Alberta and work closely with partners at the Government of Canada and municipalities of all sizes. We also invest in strategic partnerships to bring together the right innovators and help connect partners with each other for greater success.  

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How we do it 

We bring people and resources together to help innovators across Alberta. 

From idea to marketplace  

We support innovators across the innovation spectrum – from the generation of new ideas through applied testing to commercialization or end use.  

We invest in innovative products, processes and technologies with applications across sectors and industries, according to our strategic priorities and program requirements.  

Check out our wide range of programs and services to find out more about who and what we support. Visit Funding Basics for guidance on eligibility and other details.  

  • “Albertans have always been innovators, and transformational innovation has delivered significant returns to Alberta. Alberta Innovates is strategically positioned to use our expertise, facilities and connections to make these transformative shifts.”

    Brenda Kenny, PhD, Board Chairperson, Alberta Innovates