Our Investments, Clean Resources and Health teams provide supports to researchers, entrepreneurs and companies.

Explore this section to find out who to contact for program information.

Entrepreneurial Investments Team

The Entrepreneurial Investments team is a group of business experts with one common goal: to see Alberta technology and knowledge-based businesses succeed!

Post-Secondary Investments & Emerging Technology Team

We support Alberta researchers, students, and organizations in their efforts to advance emerging technologies and build vibrant technology ecosystems.

Advanced Hydrocarbons Team

The Advanced Hydrocarbons Team manages programs that improve both how hydrocarbons are extracted from the ground as well as the final products once those hydrocarbons are processed.

Clean Technology Team

The Clean Technology Team advances homegrown capacity of technologies and products that support a low-carbon economy and diversify the economy.

Environmental Innovation Team

Meet the Environmental Innovation team. They lead our programs focused on protecting water, land, and biodiversity. The team also provides support for projects enabling greenhouse gas emission reductions.

Agri-Food Innovation Team

Contact our Agri-Food Innovation Team to learn about our funding programs for technologies from field to fork across the agri-food industry.

Sustainable Materials Team

The Sustainable Materials team provides funding for technologies, processes, and products to enhance Alberta’s underutilized, renewable, and waste streams.

Health Innovation Team

We’re on a mission to strengthen economic competitiveness and enhance the well-being of Albertans by cultivating a thriving health innovation ecosystem.

Health Platforms Team

The Health Platforms team addresses complex health system challenges through a suite of strategic partnerships, operational tools, training and consultation services.

Accelerator Programs Team

Our Scale up and Growth team is focused on managing the province’s business Accelerators and our Fund and Fellowship program.