From building a sustainable, reliable supply of food for the world’s population to connecting farms across the globe to the digital sphere, the future of agriculture is happening now. Our Smart Agriculture and Food Innovation Team believes innovation can change the face of food and farming around the world, bringing food security into reach. That’s why we’re investing in technologies covering all corners of the agri-food industry that are bringing down costs of production, increasing productivity, and adding value to the products we grow and create.  

We’re funding new ideas and innovations from field to fork. We offer targeted programs to accelerate the adoption of technology and drive research in order to strengthen Alberta’s agriculture industry.  


Team Contacts

The Agri-Food Innovation Team welcomes inquiries related to our expertise and the programs we offer. Use our directory below to determine where to direct your inquiry based on its subject. Please reach out via email first before attempting to contact us via phone.  

Dana Gibson

Executive Director, Agriculture and Food Innovation

For inquiries about the Agri-Food and Bioindustrial Innovation Program: 

Virginia Mulligan, PhD

Senior Manager, Agri-Food Innovation

For information regarding the Agriculture Funding Consortium: 

Ginni Braich, PhD

Senior Manager, Agriculture and Food Innovation