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Alberta Innovates drives innovation across multiple sectors. We identify gaps and opportunities to address provincial needs with targeted programs and services. We invite you to peruse the strategic initiatives listed on this page or click the button below to learn more about our approach.

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A Project Ethics Community Consensus Initiative (ARECCI)

Sectors: Health & Life Sciences

Initiative description: The ARECCI program helps address and mitigate ethics risks through decision support tools, training opportunities, and project ethics consultation.

Advanced Hydrocarbons

Sectors: Energy

Initiative description: We support projects that will contribute to Alberta’s hydrocarbon resource value while securing a long-term future for Alberta’s oil sand resources.

Agri-Food Innovation

Sectors: Agriculture & Forestry

Initiative description: Alberta Innovates is leading the way to transformative change in the agri-food sector by investing in technologies to allow Alberta to sustainably produce healthy, dependable supplies of food.

Alberta Clinical Research Consortium (ACRC)

Sectors: Health & Life Sciences

Initiative description: A provincial initiative that brings together researchers, healthcare providers, patients, and industry to support the advancement of clinical health research in Alberta.

Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute

Sectors: Emerging Technology & Data Science

Initiative description: Alberta Innovates’ early investments led to creation of the renowned Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii). Find out more.

Alberta Scaleup and Growth Accelerator Program

Sectors: Agriculture & Forestry, Emerging Technology & Data Science

Initiative description: The Alberta Scaleup and Growth Accelerator Program helps entrepreneurs bridge the scaleup gap, take their business to new heights and go global.


Sectors: Health & Life Sciences

Initiative description: AbSPORU provides expertise, training, and resources to increase Alberta’s capacity for patient-oriented research and fostering a learning health system.

Bitumen Beyond Combustion (BBC)

Sectors: Clean Technology, Energy, Environment

Initiative description: The BBC program develops technologies to convert oil sands components into non-combustion products, such as carbon fibre, asphalt binder, activated carbon, and other high value carbon materials.

Bitumen Value Enhanced Committee

Sectors: Energy

Initiative description: The Bitumen Value Enhancement Committee accelerates innovation and technology commercialization targeting processing of bitumen and heavy oil.

Canadian Emissions Reduction Innovation Network

Sectors: Energy

Initiative description: CERIN is a pan-Canadian network of researchers and end-users to develop, test, validate, and deploy technologies to reduce methane emissions.

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