Alberta has a scaleup gap. While half of all startups survive over five years, only 0.1 per cent of small firms become mid-sized, and only two per cent of mid-sized firms become large. We want to help Alberta’s scaling startups and small businesses grow so they can reap the benefits while positively contributing to economic growth and prosperity in our province.   

In partnership with three levels of government including the Government of Alberta, Prairies Economic Development Canada, and both the City of Edmonton (Edmonton Unlimited) and City of Calgary (Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund), Alberta Innovates designed and continues to administer a provincial scale-up and growth strategy that has since developed into a burgeoning program centred around two pillars – the use of global accelerators and the Fellowship Alumni Network. 

BDC defines accelerators as, “programs that give developing companies access to mentorship, investors and other support that help them become stable, self-sufficient businesses.”

The Scaleup and Growth Accelerator Program provides end-to-end services for companies who are just fleshing out their business plans all the way to organizations who need advice or investment to help them through the hurdles of going global. In 2021, we contracted with one local pre-accelerator and four global accelerators to bridge the scaleup gap: Alberta Catalyzer PreAccelerator, Alberta Accelerator by 500, Plug and Play Alberta Accelerator, Telus Community Safety and Wellness Accelerator powered by Alchemist, and SVG Thrive Studio, Pre-Accelerator and Accelerator to support agricultural startups. 

Together, these global accelerators will help us:  

  • address scaleup gaps to help Albertan, Canadian and global ventures to scale, grow and contribute to a thriving innovation ecosystem in Alberta;   
  • diversify Alberta’s economy by supporting entrepreneurship and innovation in new technology areas that will create high-quality jobs throughout the province; and
  • drive Alberta’s global innovation mindset by attracting global technology firms and investment to Alberta via a world-class acceleration ecosystem. 

Unlike other global accelerators, Alberta Scaleup and Growth Accelerators are fully funded by our partner consortium, enabling the program to be free of charge with no equity taken from participating companies.

Additionally, we invite Alberta Accelerator graduates to join our Fellowship Alumni Network, where they will continue to receive supports to help them grow. We know from our alumni that the more support and connections a scaling company receives, the more likely they will be to thrive and prosper.

If you are a startup looking to scale and grow, identify the accelerator that is right for you and apply to be part of their next cohort through the accelerator portals listed below: 

Alberta Accelerator by 500 – for sector agnostic tech companies 

Plug and Play Alberta – for tech companies focused on sustainable innovations, digital health innovations, and sector agnostic innovation  

Community Safety and Wellness Accelerator powered by Alchemist – for tech companies, including social enterprises, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop apps or digital platforms that specifically provide a social, community or wellness benefit. 

Alberta Catalyzer – for early-stage tech startups who need help getting ready to advance to the scaleup/acceleration stage. 

SVG| THRIVE Canada Accelerator Provide an end-to-end roadmap for agri-food companies from a venture studio, to pre-accelerator, to accelerator, to a fund. 


Scale-up and Growth Program Find Your Future Wayfinder Webinar – September 1, 2022



Lan Tan

Director, Accelerators

Reesa John

Director, Fund and Fellowship