Innovation has never played a more significant role in the future for Alberta. Our ability to develop existing industries while introducing new opportunities for growth is critical for our future prosperity.

Alberta Innovates has a direct line of sight to improving the lives of Albertans today and for generations to come. We span the breadth of the province, seeking new ways to drive economic growth, health and well-being and a thriving environment.

We are uniquely positioned to catalyze and accelerate research and innovation to:

  • Keep Alberta relevant and competitive in the global marketplace
  • Contribute to a sustainable and diversified economy
  • Prepare us for a low-carbon future
  • Keep us healthy through the advancement of medical knowledge, treatment and best clinical practice

Our Five Corporate Goals 


Making the lives of Albertans better today and for generations to come by contributing to a diversified economy, cleaner and sustainable environment, and healthier communities.


Cultivate a world-class research and innovation system that meets the needs of Alberta.


Drive the generation of discoveries and developments that positively impact Alberta and its industries by leveraging partnerships, collaborations and emerging technology platforms.


Accelerate and broaden the use of innovative products, technologies and processes.


Be recognized globally as a leading innovation engine.

Our Focus Areas

Learn more about how our five strategic priorities are bringing our corporate goals to life.

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