InnoTech Alberta and C-FER Technologies provide a critical bridge in the innovation system by linking research with government and industry needs.

Their world-renowned expertise and capacity in applied research are keystones in the province’s research and innovation system. They test, de-risk, and translate innovation to increase the odds for successful and accelerated commercialization and market adoption for their clients, including national and international industry partners.

InnoTech Alberta

InnoTech Alberta is a leading research and technology organization providing a wide range of services and facilities in areas related to environment, energy, bioindustrial (agriculture and forestry), and measurement & data services for industry.

C-FER Technologies

C-FER Technologies provides applied engineering services and testing to advance safety, efficiency and environmental performance. They offer services to industries including oil and gas, alternative energy, transportation and structures.

Types of Services

Examples of services include:

  • Assisting entrepreneurs in developing, testing, and demonstrating their new technologies for industry end users (technology push).
  • Helping end users identify the best available technologies and validating the performance of these technologies in independent, full-scale, or field tests (technology pull).
  • Working with industry to develop new technical standards to ensure the safe, reliable, and efficient implementation of new technologies.
  • Chemical analysis and testing, measurement system design and fabrication, advanced data analytics, and industrial Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Full-scale industrial testing facilities.
  • Engineering consulting and analysis.

Check each subsidiary website for more detailed information about their specific services and facilities.