Advanced Hydrocarbons invests in technology development related to the extraction and use of Alberta’s extensive hydrocarbon resources. While Alberta has a long history of oil & gas development, there is massive potential to improve and diversify its offerings, leading to economic growth and reduced emissions and other environmental impacts. 

We’re exploring how bitumen can be used for non-combustion purposes, cleaner recovery of bitumen and crude oil, digital innovation in oil & gas, and adding value to Alberta’s bitumen through bitumen partial upgrading. 

Focus Areas 

Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production 

We’re investing in technologies that lead to cleaner and more cost-effective techniques and equipment to extract hydrocarbons from the ground. 

This focus area provides funding through three programs: 

  • Recovery Technologies Program – Supports processes and products that improve hydrocarbon recovery while reducing associated emissions, lowering costs, and/or enabling new resources to be developed. 
  • Methane Emissions Reduction Program – Supports technologies that detect, monitor, and mitigate methane emissions reductions from Alberta’s oil and gas industry.
  • Digital Innovation in Clean Energy (DICE) Program – Supports development and optimization of energy production through digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), AR/VR, digital twins, and more to create jobs in the digital economy and reduce energy sector emissions. 



Innovative Hydrocarbon Products 

We’re investing in technologies that convert raw hydrocarbons into value-added and lower emissions products. 

This focus area provides funding through two programs: 

  • Bitumen Partial Upgrading Program – Supports processes that upgrade bitumen into higher-value combustion products that can also utilize reduced diluent for transportation. 
  • Bitumen Beyond Combustion (BBC) Program – Supports technologies that convert bitumen into high-value non-fuel products such as carbon fibre, high-quality asphalt binder, activated carbon, and other high-value carbon materials. 

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This white paper sets out the Alberta Innovates vision for the oil sands in a net-zero economy. It outlines a strategy to divert a greater portion of bitumen production away from fuel production and use it instead to manufacture high-value products and materials.


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Executive Director, Advanced Hydrocarbons

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