The Advanced Hydrocarbons team is comprised of industry veterans that are driven to catalyze and foster innovation activities to improve the lives of Albertans economically, environmentally, and socially. Advanced Hydrocarbons’ staff support the innovation ecosystem with targeted funding programs, facilitation of initiatives, connecting members of the ecosystem together to achieve common goals, and supporting complementary programs at similar agencies (for example, Emissions Reduction Alberta, Natural Resources Canada, Sustainable Development Technology Canada, and more). 

The Advanced Hydrocarbons portfolio is divided into two Programs, which are then further broken into a total of five Sub-Programs: 

Team Contacts

Bryan Helfenbaum, P.Eng., MBA

Associate Vice President, Clean Resources

Michael Kerr

Executive Director, Advanced Hydrocarbons

Shunlan Liu

Director, Partial Upgrading   

Claude Ghazar, P.Eng.

Director, Recovery Technologies  

Paolo Bomben, PhD, P.Chem.

Senior Manager, Clean Technology Development

Bruce Duong

Senior Manager, Recovery Technologies

Mohammad Chowdhuri, PhD, P.Eng.

Senior Business Partner, Advanced Hydrocarbons

Karen Sharp

Administrative Assistant