One of Alberta Innovates’ main strategies is to advance the development and use of artificial intelligence as an enabling tool to create prosperity and make Albertans’ lives better. 

We planted the seeds for Alberta to become a top centre for artificial intelligence (AI) with our early investments in Al research at the University of Alberta in 2002, at the dawn of the new millennium. 

This eventually led to the creation of Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii), a stand-alone institute. 

We have continued to invest in Amii. Today, the institute is renowned for its research, developing talent, and helping industry adopt AI in business. It has been named one of three institutes that form the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy. 

Amii has a mandate to build technical/scientific capacity in machine learning, and to translate this into commercial use across Alberta’s economic sectors.  

Its principal investigators are world leaders in several sub-fields of machine learning and AI. They work closely with global scientific and business communities to push the bounds of knowledge. A team of machine learning advisors guide local companies in building their in-house AI capabilities. 

  • “We see artificial intelligence, or AI, as an essential tool that allows us to transform data into information that humanity can act on and use to make better decisions. AI provides us with new ways of solving complex problems needing smart and creative solutions. By adopting AI in health, agriculture, energy, financial services, logistics, construction and engineering, Alberta can double-down on a knowledge-based economy complementary to and parallel to its existing economic drivers.”

    Laura Kilcrease, CEO, Alberta Innovates


Doug Holt

Associate Vice President, Capital Development

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