Clinical Health Research (CHR) 

Clinical health research is vital to improving quality of life. The Alberta Clinical Research Consortium (ACRC) is dedicated to the development of best practice clinical health research in our province. This is achieved by fostering collaboration, reducing barriers, facilitating connections, and developing resources that enable a more cohesive and functional CHR ecosystem. 

Our Impact  

The ACRC supports high-quality, integrated and efficient clinical research in Alberta by: 

  • Making clinical health research in Alberta clear, simple, transparent, and efficient.  
  • Creating partnerships and promoting participation in clinical health research.  
  • Identifying the actions, assets, resources and infrastructure required for sustainable, integrated, and impactful clinical health research.  

Focus Areas 

Guided by our strategic plan (Phase III), the ACRC focuses on priorities that support our stakeholders, leverages existing provincial strengths, and builds capacity and capabilities for high-quality CHR.  

Refer to the ACRC Strategic Priorities page for more information. 

Advocacy and Thought Leadership:

Promoting relevant conversations on emerging trends and issues important for the advancement of clinical health research in Alberta.  

Data and Digital Health:

Supporting the digital transformation of clinical health research while ensuring best practices in data management and security.  

People and Training: 

Helping to establish a sustainable and qualified clinical health research workforce.  

Integrating Research into Care: 

Facilitating the embedding of clinical health research processes as a routine and integrated component of the healthcare system. 

Pathways to Commercialization: 

Providing clarity, connections and capabilities for researchers and SMEs to navigate the regulatory pathway for health product validation and commercialization in Alberta.  

Operational Excellence: 

Enabling the conduct of clinical health research in an efficient and effective manner.  

Collaborations and Working Groups

Like every successful consortium, our value is in harnessing the knowledge, skills, and expertise of its members.

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Our ACRC site is a one-stop shop for clinical health research needs, with tools, templates, and resources.

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Our Guiding Principles

Clinical health research exists to improve quality of life. Through the Alberta Clinical Research Consortium (ACRC), we are proud to contribute to the development of best-practice clinical health research in our province.

Five principles form the foundation for the development of all ACRC projects, and its aim to streamline clinical health research in the province with the goals of:

  • Providing Albertans with access to the best and most innovative health care possible, and
  • Attracting both researchers and investment to the province

1. Collaboration

  • Promote active engagement and participation of academic and community-based researchers and representatives from the healthcare organizations from across the province.
  • Maximize the applicability to and accessibility in different types of clinical research environments.
  • It is through this collective participation that this provincial initiative is able to achieve shared the vision beyond the capabilities of a single organization.

2. Best Practice

  • Build on the province’s strengths by leveraging existing solutions that incorporates best practices and applicable guidelines in the development of the sub-projects.
  • Promote quality research and clarity that reduces risk to the researchers and institutions through adherence to standardized and common processes.
  • Align and benchmark with national and international organizations.

3. Simplification

  • Reduce non-value added steps including those that do not contribute to quality, efficiency, informed decision-making and risk mitigation.
  • Reduce duplicative work and processes, seeking efficiencies including through technology.
  • Promote clarity and transparency in the processes with real time information.

4. Coordination

  • Create efficiencies and simplicity through coordination of processes and the partner organizations.
  • Identify links between the sub-projects and in the roadmap.

5. Accountability 

  • Enhance accountability throughout the research study process.
  • Promote informed decision-making that helps maximize resource allocation and long-term value.

Initiative Contacts

Ryan Mercer, PhD

Director, Clinical Research Innovation


Alberta is open for business and ready to support innovative studies – the combination of local resources available to researchers, innovators, sponsors, and companies is unparalleled in Canada. Our latest report, Alberta’s Clinical Research Ecosystem: Driving Innovation for Care, is ready for your review!

High quality research stems from training and a knowledgeable research team. We’ve developed the following table to guide individuals on the training courses that are recommended and applicable to their work.

Developing streamlined province-wide processes requires the use of consistent terminology. We've compiled a glossary of common terminology for reference.

ACRC 2023 Annual Conference Program

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