ACRC Strategic Plan: Phase III

Alberta has major advantages in clinical health research and care. In this, our third strategic plan, the ACRC will harness the province’s strengths to reinforce Alberta’s leadership in emergent areas of healthcare innovation. Our plan outlines priorities relevant to our stakeholders’ vision and presents action plans, key steps, and proposed outcomes. The strategic priorities of the plan align with our goal of increasing high-quality, integrated, efficient clinical research in Alberta.

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Our work

ACRC’s strategic priorities are translated into activities driven by working groups comprised of representatives of partner organizations and subject matter experts, with oversight from the ACRC Executive Committee. Some things we are working on:

Advocacy and Thought Leadership

  • Promote relevant conversations on emerging trends and issues important for the advancement of clinical health research in Alberta.
  • Assist experts and opinion leaders to convene collaborators to write on topics of interest.

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Decentralized Clinical Trials

  • Develop resources (guidance and best practices) that enable researchers to conduct research studies remotely. Decentralized trials are becoming popular with sites and sponsors because they improve patient access, convenience, and diversity.
  • Convene a working group of researchers, study staff, industry stakeholders, REBs, pharmacies, and the public who are champions and/or subject matter experts in conducting DCTs.

Digital Health Evaluation

  • Develop tools and resources for researchers and companies to navigate the emerging regulatory environment of digital health validation.
  • Develop a Digital Health Regulatory Roadmap along with guidance and educational materials on components of the digital health evaluation process.

Innovative Trial Design

Build capacity in innovative trial designs (Adaptive, Master Protocol Studies, Agile).

  • Increase clinical research capacity and expertise through educational opportunities for researchers to facilitate the dissemination and uptake of innovative trial designs.
  • Work with partner organizations to support innovative trial designs.

Integrating Clinical Health Research into Care

Enable the embedding of clinical health research processes as a routine and integrated component of the healthcare system.

Convene a working group comprising of researchers and physicians to:

  • Assess the feasibility of integrating clinical health research processes into healthcare delivery and define “integration” within Alberta’s current state and context.
  • Create a repository/report on exemplar projects through consultation with researchers to understand barriers and enablers of integration.
  • Develop metrics for evaluating integration.
  • Create a community of practice that assists researchers and providers to better integrate clinical trial activities as part of routine practice.

Integrated Clinical Health Research Operations

Enable the conduct of clinical health research in an efficient and effective manner.

We will work with partners to:

  • Co-identify critical factors for success/failure and unmet needs to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of clinical health research processes.
  • Co-promote cross-organizational sharing of expertise and tools, as well as training opportunities on Alberta’s integrated research systems (i.e., CTMS, REB, Administrative).

Pathways to Commercializing Health Innovations

Define the commercialization pathway, including enabling actions, resources, and best practices around evidence generation.

Providing clarity, connections, and capabilities for researchers and SMEs to navigate the regulatory pathway for health product validation and commercialization in Alberta.