The impact of emerging technologies is fundamentally changing the world as we know it. Extraordinary advances in digital and data-enabled technologies, such as cloud computing, 3D printing, in silico modelling, artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning and extended reality are transforming entire industries, creating new economies, and fundamentally changing societal patterns and processes.  

At Alberta Innovates, we call the transformational potential of these digital and data-enabled technologies digital health. The impact of digital health on the life sciences and healthcare industries is gaining traction and being recognized and emphasized as a unique opportunity by governments world-wide, regulatory authorities, and leading global entities. 

We believe that the transformational impact of digital health on research, health-tech and care models is inevitable, and we must cultivate and manage the momentous opportunity before us. To do so, we are focused on delivering projects, programs and partnerships in five functionally related innovation areas: research, technology commercialization, health system transformation, and talent.

Team Contacts

Markian Bahniuk, PhD

Senior Business Partner, Research - Health Innovation

Antonio Bruni, PhD, MBA

Director, Health System Transformation - Health Innovation

Bindi Ferguson

Director, Commercialization (Health Innovation)

Nicole Mardis

Director, Health Innovation Talent

Katie Mertens

Business Partner, Health Innovation

Raja Mita

Executive Director, Health Innovation

Tim Murphy

Vice President - Health

Jose Raez

Senior Business Partner, Health Innovation

Sunil Rajput, PhD

Director, Research - Health Innovation

Nancy Walter

Senior Business Partner, Health System Transformation

Ulli Wolfaardt

Data Scientist, Health

Contacts are listed in alphabetical order of last name.