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Post-Secondary Investments
Graduate Student Scholarships


Alberta Innovates funds scholarships for graduate students engaged in full-time research at Alberta’s universities in the platform areas of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Nanotechnology, and Omics. Our Health sector also offers graduate student scholarships more specific to health — see link to the left on this webpage. Please note that only one scholarship from Alberta Innovates is available to successful applicants at any one time.

This funding combines with other programs to create the vibrant and progressive environment Alberta needs to achieve its goals in the areas of environment, energy, food and fibre and health research. As an outcome of these efforts, Alberta is assured the availability of the high-quality graduate student and post-doctoral fellow talent required for Campus Alberta institutions and the multi-disciplinary research teams comprising the Alberta Innovates Centres for Research and Innovation.

Scholarship Details

The Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarships are open to Canadian, Permanent Resident and International Students.

Students in the following categories may apply, provided that they are pursuing graduate studies at an Alberta university in one of the research areas outlined below and meet eligibility requirements:

  • Canadian candidates, whether or not they hold a major (i.e. NSERC) award;
  • International candidates

All applications should be made to the appropriate university.

Scholarship terms vary from one to four years, depending on the circumstances of the applicant.

Scholarship requirements and conditions at the date of the award continue through the term of the scholarship.

Students who have been awarded an Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarship must complete annual and final reports through the term of their award.

Multi-year scholarships are renewed annually after the first year upon satisfactory reporting by the student.


Application Procedure

Each of the participating Alberta universities has scholarship application and evaluation processes specific to their institutions for students in programs of full time study. Applicants should check with the faculty of graduate studies at their home university for full descriptions and application details for the Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarship. Select the appropriate link for specific information:

Prospective applicants must be familiar with program documentation prior to applying:

Program Contact Information

Name: Sarah Lee
Title: Team Lead, Graduate Student Scholarships
Phone: 780-450-5553

For Training and Early Career Development Opportunities in Health, please contact:

Kathy Morrison, Senior Coordinator, Grants Processing
Phone: 780-429-7655