Renewable and Alternative Energy

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The Clean Technology program invests in projects to adapt, develop and deploy innovative clean technologies to benefit Albertans and contribute to the growth of the province’s low-carbon economy. In each of our priority focus areas, we look for projects and activities that can reduce environmental impacts, support Alberta’s energy transition, generate jobs in a clean tech economy, and engage industry, researchers and communities to participate in their future energy systems.  

Our focus on electricity generation and grid modernization supports renewable and alternative energy development from individual technology components to systems-level integration. The future of electricity systems involves the generation, transmission, distribution and storage of energy using smart, data-enabled, and digital solutions. New opportunities for generation from geothermal to nuclear help in transitioning to low-carbon electricity. 

How the program works

The program includes three sub-programs designed to ensure Alberta’s future electricity system is safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable.

Grid Modernization

Grid Modernization includes the Alberta Smart Grid Consortium initiatives and energy storage opportunities.

Low Carbon Electricity

Low Carbon Electricity focuses on innovative clean technologies to support the transition to and use of renewables in Alberta. 

Low-Emitting Alternative Generation 

Low-Emitting Alternative Generation focuses on new types of generation and decentralized opportunities to diversify Alberta’s electricity system.

How project funding works

Most funding is provided through a combination of open competition and a continuous intake process. Contact the Program Director for more information.

Who is the program open to?

This program is open to researchers, innovators, small and medium-sized enterprises, large companies and others who are seeking funding, expertise and/or sector leadership to advance technology development from TRL 3-7.

To view final reports and project summaries associated with this program, view our Project Library.

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