Senior Business Partner, Ecosystem - Post-Secondary Investments

Adam Brown

Director, Health System Transformation - Health Innovation

Antonio Bruni, PhD, MBA

- Health Platforms


Director, Capital Access - Entrepreneurial Investments

Ayo Aiyeleye

Director, Commercialization - Health Innovation

Bindi Ferguson

CanERIC Project Manager - Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC)

Brian Spiegelmann

Senior Manager, Recovery Technologies - Clean Resources

Bruce Duong

Executive Director, Advanced Hydrocarbons - Clean Resources

Bryan Helfenbaum

Executive Director - Entrepreneurial Investments

Carla Otto

TEL: 780-450-5348 CELL: 780-719-3372

Coordinator - Post-Secondary Investments & Emerging Technologies

Chao Lipuka

Director, Recovery Technologies - Clean Resources

Claude Ghazar

Executive Director, Smart Agriculture and Food Innovation - Bio

Cornelia Kreplin

Director, Integrated Land Management Program - Clean Resources

Dallas Johnson, PhD

Director, Clean Technology - Clean Resources

David Van Den Assem

587-779-2907 (office) 403-369-6773 (cell)

Entrepreneurial Investments Coordinator - Entrepreneurial Investments

Dayna Misener

Manager, Global Partnerships - Entrepreneurial Investments

Deryl Williams

Senior Manager, Media & Strategic Community Relations -

Dwayne Brunner

Manager, Clean Technology - Clean Resources

Ericka Rios

Program Associate - Grants Administration Services

Ethan Tom

Executive Director, Clean Technology - Clean Resources

Heather Campbell

Program Associate - Entrepreneurial Investments

Isabel Salcedo

Manager, Research Ethics - Health Platforms

Jacqueline Senych

Program Associate - Entrepreneurial Investments

Jasbinder Sihra

Director - Impact Action Lab

Jasper Buys, MSocSc

Business Partner - Clean Resources

Jelena Sapkovskaja

Managing Director - Natural Gas Innovation Fund (NGIF)

John Adams

613-748-0057 ext. 326

Technology Development Advisor - Medicine Hat

John Stroh

Senior Business Partner - Health Innovation

Jose Raez

Senior Business Partner - Marketing and Communications

Julia Necheff

ARECCI, manager - Health Platforms

Julianna Weber

780-429-6890 (office), 780-405-3598 (mobile)

Technology Development Advisor - Lloydminster

Kara Johnston

Administrative Assistant - Clean Resources

Karen Sharp

Executive Director - Impact Action Lab

Kathryn Graham, PhD, FCAHS

Associate Business Partner - Health Innovation

Katie Mertens

Director, Accelerators - Investments

Lan Tan

Executive Director - Bioindustrial Materials

Liheng Chen

Technology Development Advisor - Lethbridge

Lindsay Spadavecchia

Senior Manager - Industry & Global Partnerships - Entrepreneurial Investments

Lori Adams

Manager - Environmental Remediation and Restoration

Mark Donner, PhD

Senior Business Partner, Research - Health Innovation

Markian Bahniuk, PhD

Principal Business Advisor - Post-Secondary Investments & Emerging Technologies

Marlene Huerta

Technology Development Advisor - Central Alberta

Matt Cornall

Senior Manager, Clean Technology - Clean Resources

Mehr Nikoo

Director - Regional Innovation

Michael Kerr

Business Partner -

Mike Christen

Technology Development Advisor - Edmonton

Mike Riou

Senior Business Partner - Health Innovation

Nancy Walter

Executive Director - Agri-Food Innovation

Natisha Stashko

Director, Talent - Health Innovation

Nicole Mardis

Program Associate - Corporate Planning & Portfolio Management

Olesya Adamyk

Senior Manager, Clean Technology Development - Clean Resources

Paolo Bomben, PhD

Senior Manager, Clean Technology Development - Clean Resources

Paolo Bomben, PhD – Methane Emissions Reduction

Portfolio Specialist -

Peggy Lesueur

Executive Director - Health Innovation

Raja Mita

Business Partner - Bioindustrial Materials

Rebecca Bruce

Director - Fund and Fellowship

Reesa John

Technology Development Advisor - Edmonton

Rick Davidson

Program Associate - Entrepreneurial Investments

Roger Lindenbach

Acting Executive Director & Director of Prion Programs - Agri-Food Innovation

Ron Clarkson

Manager, Clean Technology - Clean Resources

Sanah Dar

Director, Industry & Global Partnerships - Entrepreneurial Investments

Sandra Candie

Team Lead, Graduate Student Scholarships - Post-Secondary Investments

Sarah Lee

Senior Business Partner - Post-Secondary Investments & Emerging Technologies

Shabbir Mustafiz, PhD, MBA

Senior Business Partner, Clean Technology - Clean Resources

Sheila Schindel

Program Associate - Entrepreneurial Investments

Shirley Sin

Director, Upgrading - Clean Resources

Shunlan Liu, PhD

587-779-2915 (office) 403-619-6946 (cell)

Technology Development Advisor - Calgary

Stephan Zuberec

Director, Research - Health Innovation

Sunil Rajput, PhD

Manager, Bioenergy and Waste Diversion - Clean Energy

Susan Carlisle

Program Associate - Entrepreneurial Investments

Tara McCarthy

Connect now! - Entrepreneurial Investments

Technology Development Advisors

Executive Director - Entrepreneurial Investments

Terry Rachwalski

Vice President - Health

Tim Murphy

Business Partner - Entrepreneurial Investments, Regional Innovation

Tracey Kelly

Director, Renewable and Alternative Energy - Clean Resources

Vanessa White

Director - Water Innovation Program

Vicki Lightbown

Program Manager - Agri-Food Innovation

Virginia Mulligan, PhD