ARECCI Decision Support Tools

ARECCI supports two complimentary tools to assist project sponsors and organizations:

These tools have been co-developed and validated by the ARECCI community, which includes experts in quality improvement, program evaluation, data, privacy, clinical and research ethics. Through a process of consensus, the ARECCI community identified and defined:

  • Project risk level
  • Types of ethical risks
  • Appropriate type of ethics review

Each tool aids in the identification of ethical areas of concern.

ARECCI Ethics Screening Tool

The Alberta Innovates (2017) ARECCI Screening Tool helps determine: (1) the level of risk of your project, (2) the types of ethics risks, and (3) the appropriate type of ethics review. The ARECCI Ethics Screening Tool is divided into four steps:

  1. Preliminary Questions,
  2. Project Primary Purpose,
  3. Risk Filters, and
  4. Screening Results

Each step builds on the previous step to further identify areas of ethical concern. Upon completion, a summary score indicates the level of risk to project participants which can inform the appropriate review process (i.e. Research Ethics Board, ARECCI Second Opinion Review, internal organizational review).

For more background and insights of the ARECCI Screening Tool, please refer to the respective ARECCI Ethics Screening Tool Reference Document below.

ARECCI Guideline Tool

Using the Six Ethics Considerations©, the ARECCI Ethics Guideline Tool, helps project leads think through the project objectives, methods, outcome and their ethical impacts. In thinking through the Guideline Tool may adjust your responses on the Screening Tool. The Ethics Guideline is designed to be used with the Ethics Screening Tool.

In the spirit of continual improvement, we would like to have your feedback on the decision support tools. Please email or provide your feedback by accessing the form here.