Compensation Disclosure

Alberta Innovates is committed to the transparency of its operations. To ensure collaboration with its stakeholder the Corporation provides the following disclosure information.

Public sector bodies are required to post online the names and compensation paid to:

  • all board members
  • employees who earn more than the threshold amount during a disclosure period

This is a requirement under the Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act, which applies to:

What’s disclosed:

  • compensation includes base salary, overtime, honoraria paid to board members and taxable benefits.
  • severance reflects amounts paid or payable related to termination of employment.
  • non-monetary (other) benefits are generally non-taxable benefits including the employer’s portion of pension contributions, employment insurance, Canada Pension Plan and Workers’ Compensation Board premiums.

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Learn more about the Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act

For more information please contact:

Katherine Salucop
Executive Director, Human Resources
Telephone: (780)450-4639


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