Agriculture, Forestry & Food

Investing in Alberta

Alberta Innovates provides leadership and co-ordination for activities that support the growth of Alberta’s agriculture, forestry and food sectors.

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Alberta Bio Future

Advancing industrial biotechnology

We invest in the generation of new knowledge and greener products and processes using Alberta biomass. We are leading bioindustrial innovation that will add new revenue streams in the forestry and agriculture sectors through value-added processing of plant residuals and byproducts.

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Alberta Prion Research Institute

Unlocking the mysteries of prion and related diseases

Our team in the Alberta Prion Research Institute is advancing knowledge and research into prion diseases in animals, and prion and prion-like diseases in humans.

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Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity

Building a market system for ecosystem services

We are working with our partners to build a market-based system for ecosystem services and enhance biodiversity in Alberta.

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Agri-Food Innovation

Advancing innovation in agriculture and food

Innovation is changing the face of farming and food around the world. Our Agri-Food Innovation program is committed to propelling the development and application of technologies to increase the productivity and sustainability of agri-food products and prion research. We work collaboratively with partners in government, academia, and industry to support the advancement of Alberta’s agri-food sector. In addition to investing in new technologies, the program supports ecosystem growth though leadership in industry collaborations and initiatives.

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Alberta Innovates announces winners of the COSIA Land Challenge Competition

Two Canadian companies have emerged as winners of an open innovation competition seeking seismic technologies that reduce environmental impacts of oil sands exploration. The competition, funded by Alberta Innovates and organized by Foresight on behalf of Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA), is part of the ongoing COSIA Land Challenge.

Growing hardier corn crops and economic opportunities in rural Alberta

In Alberta, the requirement for hot and long growing seasons has limited grain corn production for livestock consumption to the...

Trash is biofuel treasure; Enerkem uses Alberta as a launching pad for expansion

Enerkem’s Edmonton facility is a huge step forward — the first commercial facility in the world to turn municipal trash into biofuel. That’s attracted a lot of interest, both in Canada and beyond.