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This library showcases final reports and project summaries from Alberta Innovates’ Clean Resources team. Below you can find all documents sorted by program.

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Water Innovation Program

Drinking Water Infrastructure Risk and Vulnerability Study547.2 KBCharacterization of Undesirable Watersoluble Organics in Source and Drinking Water Using Advanced Analytical Technology335.8 KBEvaluating Microbial Risks Associated with Stormwater Management and Reuse in Alberta395.4 KBA Systems Engineering Approach for Precision Irrigation348.3 KBMunicipal Wastewater Lagoon Utilization476.7 KBDecentralized Wastewater Treatment by Resource Recovery377.0 KBSaddleridge Stormwater Kidney™ Retrofit327.1 KBNSERC Associate Industrial Research Chair in Sustainable Urban Water Development320.4 KBEOR Produced Water Recycling – Phase 2352.6 KBLow Energy Ammonia Reduction from Ammonia-Rich Sludge Thickening Lagoon Supernatant in Canada- Pilot-Scale Demonstration371.8 KBIntegrating DNA-based Testing Into an Alberta-wide Community-Based Water Monitoring and Research Program321.9 KBImproving Technologies for Detecting Submerged Oil346.9 KBOn-Site Rapid Testing of Water Samples for E. Coli and Total Coliform335.8 KBAssessing Water Connectivity in Rural and Urban Watersheds For Improved Water Management388.1 KBEvidence for the Evolution of Water Treatment Resistant Pathogenic E. Coli - Are We on Cusp of a Public Health Crisis?345.3 KBApplication of Cutting-Edge Toolkit for Optimal Operation of River Basin Infrastructure353.2 KBThe Water Technology Development Centre (WTDC)349.1 KBSupporting Municipalities in the Ecological Management of Water Systems332.6 KBDrinking Water Risk and Vulnerability Study - Provincial Overview Report28.6 MBSupporting Municipalities in the Ecological Management of Water Systems332.6 KB