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This library showcases final reports and project summaries from Alberta Innovates’ Clean Resources team. Below you can find all documents sorted by program.

Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production

Innovative Hydrocarbon Production

Renewable and Alternative Energy

Environmental Innovation

Water Innovation Program

On-Site Rapid Testing of Water Samples for E. Coli and Total Coliform335.8 KBInteliRain 2 - Centre Pivot Optimization356.9 KBAssessing Water Quality Microbial Risks and Waterborne Pathogens in Rural Areas438.0 KBSupporting Municipalities in the Ecological Management of Water Systems332.6 KBSupporting Municipalities in the Ecological Management of Water Systems332.6 KBThe Water Technology Development Centre (WTDC)349.1 KBDrinking Water Infrastructure Risk and Vulnerability Study547.2 KBDrinking Water Risk and Vulnerability Study - Provincial Overview Report28.6 MBApplication of Cutting-Edge Toolkit for Optimal Operation of River Basin Infrastructure353.2 KBEvidence for the Evolution of Water Treatment Resistant Pathogenic E. Coli - Are We on Cusp of a Public Health Crisis?345.3 KBAssessing Water Connectivity in Rural and Urban Watersheds For Improved Water Management388.1 KBCharacterization of Undesirable Watersoluble Organics in Source and Drinking Water Using Advanced Analytical Technology335.8 KBImproving Technologies for Detecting Submerged Oil346.9 KBIntegrating DNA-based Testing Into an Alberta-wide Community-Based Water Monitoring and Research Program321.9 KBLow Energy Ammonia Reduction from Ammonia-Rich Sludge Thickening Lagoon Supernatant in Canada- Pilot-Scale Demonstration371.8 KBEOR Produced Water Recycling – Phase 2352.6 KBNSERC Associate Industrial Research Chair in Sustainable Urban Water Development320.4 KBSaddleridge Stormwater Kidney™ Retrofit327.1 KBDecentralized Wastewater Treatment by Resource Recovery377.0 KBMunicipal Wastewater Lagoon Utilization476.7 KBA Systems Engineering Approach for Precision Irrigation348.3 KBEvaluating Microbial Risks Associated with Stormwater Management and Reuse in Alberta395.4 KB

Smart Agriculture and Food

Smart Agriculture and Food

Climate Smart Agriculture- big data analysis to investigate what management practices work1.3 MBDevelopment and Validation of Remote Early Disease Identification (REDI) System for Field Application in Commercial Beef Feedlot and Backgrounding O359.2 KBDevelopment of Innovative Plant-Protein-Based Gelling Ingredients for Food Applications336.8 KBDevelopment of Novel 3D Printed Foods from Alberta-Based Starch and Protein Sources320.2 KBPractice Manager438.8 KBDevelopment of Functional Yeast Enriched in Punicic Acid for the Reduced Use of Antibiotics in Poultry441.1 KBChlorine-Resistant Escherichia coli in Beef Processing Facilities_Selective Pressure for Heat-Resistant Pathogens540.4 KBComparative genetic characterization of E coli O157 H7 from pigs and cattle feces and carcasses1.4 MBNanocarrier technology for the next generation of cereal seed treatments1.2 MBAn analytic app for arm-chair ranching639.7 KBDevelopment of a prediction screening model for porcine disease resilience1.2 MBLivestock Gentec: An Alberta Innovates Centre for research and commercialization1.4 MBMechanism of Survival of Enteric Pathogens in Dry Environments1.4 MBSmart In-bin Grain Storage and Management System for Optimum Quality1.2 MBDevelopment of Economic Selection Index For Canadian Angus Cattle1.1 MBValidation of an electrochemical plant wearable sensor clip for real time plant analytics1.6 MBDevelopment of a Biosensor for Fusarium Head Blight Forecasting in Wheat1.2 MBSmart Technology for Optimized Greenhouse Crop Production1.2 MBDetermining the Critical Traits Associated with Lodging in Canadian Barley Varieties and Elite Breeding Lines313.7 KBDevelopment of New Processing Technology to Manufacture Shelf Stable, Solid Muscle, Fermented Pork Loin Products1.6 MBGeneration of a Platform for Elevating Protein and Yield in Canola1.5 MBImproving Heat and Drought resistance in Canola (Brassica napus) Through Regulating Diacylglycerol Acyltransferase (DGAT1) Activity1.5 MBDevelopment of Bioactive Peptides from Cold-Pressed Canola Meals1.4 MB