Health Innovation and Platforms

Investing in a Healthy Alberta

Health care expenditures in Alberta are increasingly unsustainable, with about $2.4M spent hourly and consuming approximately 40% of the provincial budget. A growing and aging population, a higher prevalence of chronic disease, a higher demand for multidisciplinary care, and the long and expensive process for converting research into innovation suggest that the rising trend in healthcare costs will not be slowing down.

The Health Innovation and Platforms team catalyzes and accelerates research and innovation in the health sector to address these challenges. We believe the advent of digital and data-enabled technologies is enabling the development of patient-focused clinical solutions, new models of care, and an acceleration of research into innovation that will form the future foundation of a more affordable, accessible, and high-quality health care system for all Albertans.

Our programs and services emphasize a collaborative approach through partnerships with government, industry, and citizens to deliver a strong and resilient health ecosystem in Alberta with a focus on the following themes:

Health System Transformation

We work closely with patients, health care delivery professionals, researchers, industry, and community partners to facilitate the development and adoption of novel solutions that will transform health care delivery for patients in Alberta. This includes testing and scaling novel models of care, leveraging digital and data-enabled technology to enhance care, and empowering patients and providers to self-manage their own care when it is possible.          

Talent and Ecosystem Capacity Development

We deliver skills development opportunities that are aligned to evolving health sector market needs to generate the talent needed to drive our future economy. We build partnerships that will nurture and sustain the capacity necessary for advancing health innovation in Alberta and beyond.  

Heath Innovation and Technology Acceleration

We work collaboratively to reduce barriers that slow the innovative process. Building and operating the services which advance the clinical and ethical requirements of research is a core service offered by our team. We support health-technology companies with market access by providing opportunities for health system partnerships and real-world data generation.     

Emerging and Strategic Opportunities

Health is a complex industry powered by cutting-edge innovation and driven by global trends in both healthcare and technology. We are responsive to emerging opportunities in new strategic areas; spanning the commercialization spectrum from discovery to development to market adoption.     

Our programs, partnerships and initiatives

The Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit

We support researchers conducting patient-centered research by providing access to experts and knowledge in seven core platforms of expertise.

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A pRoject Ethics Community Consensus Initiative

A pRoject Ethics Community Consensus Initiative (ARECCI) helps project leads address and mitigate ethical risks.

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Accelerating Innovations into Care

This program provides funding support, system connections and business development expertise for SMEs and health system partners who require market access, clinical validation or technology assessment to facilitate adoption and diffusion of a novel technology.

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Partnerships for Research & Innovation in the Health System

This program strengthens health research capacity in Alberta by encouraging collaboration and partnerships between Alberta’s academic institutions, health and clinician researchers, patients, and AHS operations to impact in the health system.

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Alberta Data Institute

Data-driven innovations will emerge in all sectors to support initiatives in food safety, smart agriculture, environmental monitoring, pipeline management, healthier Albertans and more.

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Alberta Clinical Research Consortium

Through the Alberta Clinical Research Consortium, we are proud to contribute to the development of best-practice clinical health research in our province.

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Cancer Prevention Research Opportunities

This program enables a group of interdisciplinary individuals, working in cancer prevention research, to collaborate in the creation of new knowledge in cancer prevention and screening as well as moving knowledge and evidence into use in the health system, in communities and workplaces and in the daily lives of Albertans.

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Cancer Screen Research and Innovation Opportunity

This program is intended to provide funding to post-secondary institutions, community-based non-profit-organizations and health delivery agents. Representatives must hold an academic appointment or be an executive/clinical leader an eligible organization.

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Health Research Ethics Board of Alberta

HREBA’s committees provide ethical reviews and ongoing ethical oversight of cancer and community-based research involving humans, their information and biological samples.

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Training and Early Career Development Opportunities

This program is designed to support the growth, acquisition, and retention of highly skilled individuals that will strengthen Alberta’s health research and innovation ecosystem.

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Alberta Innovates Launches: Exploring Cannabis-Based Medicines and Tools (mCannabis) program

New Funding Opportunity: This program is an opportunity for stakeholders in Alberta’s Cannabis ecosystem to collaborate in a coordinated way to advance Cannabis research and innovations that aim to enhance patient care, improve patient outcomes, support training of health professionals, and responsibly grow Canada’s Cannabis industry.

Alberta Innovates Launches: eXtended Reality Health Economic Acceleration and Development (xR HEAD) Program

New Funding Opportunity: Alberta Innovates and the Alberta Chapter of the Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality Association (VRARA) are bringing together Alberta’s virtual, mixed, and augmented-reality, (xR), and the health innovation ecosystem to jointly develop xR innovations that can enhance patient care or support the training of health professionals.

Improving care through telemedicine

High blood pressure is a leading cause of disability and death globally with an estimated 771 thousand Albertans living with the condition.