Post-Secondary Investments

Developing Alberta’s knowledge-based economy

We invest in Alberta’s post-secondary institutions to strategically develop capacity in people, key infrastructure, collaborations and projects necessary to create innovative solutions within emerging technology areas of Alberta’s knowledge-based economy.

Our programs, partnerships & initiatives

Campus Alberta Small Business Engagement

The goal of this program is to help academics use their world-class knowledge, facilities and students at colleges and polytechnics within Campus Alberta to assist Small and Medium Enterprises in Alberta to close knowledge gaps identified during their technology development. By taking advantage of this program, Alberta SMEs should reduce time to innovate.

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Graduate Student Scholarships

This program funds scholarships for graduate students conducting full-time research in these key emerging technologies, ensuring that Albertan universities and companies are able to recruit top talent.

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Institutional Support of Entrepreneurship Education

We provide up to $15,000 of funding to Campus Alberta institutions and other innovative organizations who offer entrepreneurial learning opportunities (programs, events or workshops) to secondary and post-secondary students and recent graduates, to help them develop an entrepreneurial mindset for their futures in a knowledge-based economy.

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MITACS internship support

This program leverages federal and industry funds to provide students with paid internship opportunities in STEM disciplines, business, social sciences, and the humanities.

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Emerging Technology Facilities

The Emerging Technology Facilities program supports and oversees the progress of micro/nano facilities.

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Strategic Networking & Development Grants

We support Campus Alberta post-secondary institutions seeking to host or attend conferences, workshops and competitions in the areas of information and communications technology, nanotechnology and -omics.

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Strategic Research Projects

This program provides funding to support priority-driven research, innovation and training in emerging technologies at eligible Campus Alberta post-secondary institutions.

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Robert Mayall from FredSense standing outside the University of Calgary after graduating

From disinterested undergrad to all-star researcher and entrepreneur

Today, nearly 10 years later, Robert is a successful researcher and entrepreneur who has co-founded a growing business, received two prestigious scholarships and completed his PhD. So what happened?