Post-Secondary Investments

Developing Alberta’s knowledge-based economy

We invest in Alberta’s post-secondary institutions to strategically develop capacity in people, key infrastructure, collaborations and projects necessary to create innovative solutions within emerging technology areas of Alberta’s knowledge-based economy.


Our programs, partnerships & initiatives


The NSERC Alliance – Alberta Innovates Advance Program provides grants of up to $150,000 per year for up to two years, to support eligible Alberta university researchers with promising discoveries in emerging technologies to begin advancing their research toward the marketplace.

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Campus Alberta Small Business Engagement (CASBE)

CASBE aims to get an Alberta SME as an industry partner who will adopt emerging technologies with the support of researchers from Alberta Post-Secondary Institutions who apply to the CASBE program. The applicants will use their technology platforms’ world-class knowledge, facilities and students within Campus Alberta to support the SME.

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Graduate Student Scholarships

This program funds scholarships for graduate students conducting full-time research in these key emerging technologies, ensuring that Albertan universities and companies are able to recruit top talent.

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Institutional Support of Entrepreneurship Education

This program offers financial support of up to $15,000 to Alberta’s publicly funded institutions, Alberta Innovates’ Regional Innovation Network (RIN) organizations, and Alberta non-profit organizations to provide programming for students to learn about entrepreneurship through skill development and hands-on learning experiences. Students and recent graduates are encouraged to initiate collaborations with institutions who will take on the responsibility of overseeing projects.

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Strategic Networking & Development Grants

We support Campus Alberta post-secondary institutions seeking to host or attend conferences, workshops and competitions in the areas of information and communications technology, nanotechnology and -omics.

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Strategic Research Projects

This program provides funding to support priority-driven research, innovation and training in emerging technologies at eligible Campus Alberta post-secondary institutions.

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Alberta Innovates-sponsored program has introduced thousands of students to nanotechnology

For more than a decade, Alberta Innovates has been the sponsor of a unique program that’s introduced thousands of young students to the world of nanotechnology.

A photo of UofC researcher Paul Barclay

Innovator spotlight – tiny tech with huge possibilities

Barclay is the former Alberta Innovates Scholar in Quantum Nano Systems, and he holds a Strategic Research Project grant. The goal of the grant is to support his work to fabricate devices and other hardware for connecting optical networks to quantum memories that could enable a “quantum internet.”

Alberta Innovates funded researcher named to the Royal Society

We have long believed in the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and have backed this up with nearly two decades of support to Rich Sutton and to the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute.


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