We can help you maximize your impact through the stages of planning, implementing, managing, and communicating. 

We combine impact science expertise plus practical implementation and scaling experience, along with a global network of experts and alumni, to deliver best-in-class supports in these areas: 

Strategic Ecosystem Partnerships

We work closely with our strategic partners across government, academia, international funding agencies, industry, and the not-for-profit sector to advance impact for our communities.

We specialize in helping them design and plan for impact achievement, measurement, and improvement when they target large-scale change.

Our strategic ecosystem partnership work includes:

  • Embedding impact strategy and plans for grant designers and applicants;
  • Co-developing and implementing impact frameworks and playbooks for ecosystem-level innovations; and
  • Developing impact-focused partnerships.

Impact Consulting Services

We work with a diverse set of clients across sectors with a focus on tailoring and integrating Performance and Impact Managements Systems (PIMS).

Our goal in this area is to strengthen research and innovation ecosystems. Our team is comfortable working in complex environments using design and systems thinking, gathering and analyzing information to inform actionable insights. We work collaboratively to establish strong relationships and enable positive change.

Our impact consulting work includes:

  • Aligning impact to organizational strategy;
  • Impact planning and frameworks, as well as assessment and measurement;
  • Customized implementation of PIMS;
  • Piloting, testing, and scaling research and innovation policies, initiatives, and programs; and
  • Access to PIMS toolbox and resources.

Impact Training & Outreach

Our impact training courses give participants the opportunity to enhance their skills in impact planning, assessment, making an impact, and scaling for impact in the real world.

Participants have access to practical tools and resources to apply their learnings. Our courses offer participants lasting connections with the people they meet, and the unique chance become a part of a growing global alumni network.

Our training and outreach offerings include:

  • International School on Research and Innovation Impact Assessment
  • Making an Impact and Scaling for Impact courses (more info coming soon)
  • Tailored impact training courses for universities, policymakers, and professionals

Thought Leadership

The Impact Action Lab is known for its thought leadership and innovation in the field of impact science.

We co-develop and publish impact standards, guidelines, and white papers. We participate and advise on national and international committees. We publish on proof-of-concepts and scale-ups, and share implementation lessons learned. We offer cutting-edge and actionable insights on key topics such as network effects, accelerators, funding instruments, and value-for-money approaches.

View current and past publications by the Impact Action Lab and our network partners in the Publications section on the Impact Action Lab page.

Contact Us

To learn more about the work of the IAL, or if you are interested in partnering or working with us, please reach out to info@impactactionlab.ca.

Send an email to info@impactactionlab.ca