May 25, 2020

Alberta’s Regional Innovation Network grows

On April 1, Alberta Innovates provided the Edmonton RIN (ERIN) with a grant of $2.76 million over two years.  

ERIN is currently made up of 55 non-profit organizations committed to ecosystem co-ordination and program and service delivery that supports high-growth innovation focused entrepreneurs. ERIN is guided by a steering committee from the following organizations: 

  • Business Link 
  • Startup TnT   
  • TEC Edmonton   
  • University of Alberta   
  • Technology Alberta    
  • Valhalla Private Capital   
  • Alberta Women Entrepreneurs   
  • Concordia University of Alberta   
  • Innovate Edmonton  

Funding will enable ERIN to build programs that address four key gaps in the innovation ecosystem: 

  1. Coaching and mentorship support 
  2. Developing entrepreneurship in the post-secondary environment 
  3. Addressing the need for capital, and 
  4. A common entry point for entrepreneurship resources.   

Alberta Innovates Technology Development Advisors Rick Davidson and Mike Riou will be working closely with ERIN and its clients to explore the additional services and supports Alberta Innovates offers entrepreneurs 

Learn more about the Edmonton Regional Innovation Network.