Join us in a year-long centennial celebration of research and innovation in Alberta. We told you about our history and how we're continuing to transform Alberta today. Now we invite you to share your stories of innovation on our new Learn How Alberta innovates website.

Albertans have always been trailblazers. Our own mission is proof of that, and of the power of innovation to transform lives and build prosperity. Moreover, as the first research and innovation organization of its kind in Canada, we have a front-row seat to ideas put forward by Alberta researchers, entrepreneurs and companies that will further transform our province over the next 100 years.

Innovators are harnessing the power of emerging technologies in their funding proposals to us from every region and sector of Alberta. They are developing innovative hydrocarbon products and clean technologies like alternative and renewable energy and biomaterials. They're bringing emerging tech to smart agriculture and forestry, to construction, supply chains and health services.

Innovators are developing vaccines, tests and treatments for COVID-19 and performing cutting-edge pandemic modelling. They're working on faster, better diagnostic tests and treatments for other conditions. And they're applying big data to improve patient outcomes, increase efficiencies and bring down health costs.

Our entrepreneurial programs are propelling tech startups in Alberta to create system breakthroughs through advancement of digital, data, artificial intelligence and machine learning platforms.

We see all this, and it gets us excited. We want to spread the word because, frankly, everyone can use some good news these days. Look for more about the innovation and innovators we work with in media coverage and ad spots running on Global TV and Corus radio.

We're a convener, connector and trailblazer in our own right in cultivating "creative collisions" by bringing people together at Inventures, and by supporting networks and partnerships. Our Learn How campaign is all about getting Albertans learning, thinking and talking in 2021 and beyond, about our province's dynamic research and innovation system and its movers and shakers.

Share the spotlight by going to our Learn How Alberta innovates website and send us your story of innovation - whether you received support from Alberta Innovates or not. Shout out to our Regional Innovation Networks and public and private sector partners - please use and share the Learn How website with your own networks.

Together, we'll make the story of innovation come alive for more Albertans as we all learn more about the impact and value of research and innovation today and what's on the horizon for the next generations.