Join some of the province's leading agricultural researchers in Vegreville for their annual event: Field Day. Every year InnoTech, an Alberta Innovates' subsidiary, opens its facility's doors to the public to showcase their hemp and other crop research. Learn about the potentially game-changing work that our researchers are doing to help Albertans provide sustainable prairie crops under changing environmental conditions.

Home to the foremost experts on hemp research in the world, the Vegreville facility is now working towards securing accreditation that will allow them to meet the anticipated cannabis market demand in October. The facility is uniquely positioned to build long-term, sustainable capacity and value. Our Vegreville facility offers several research and development services to private companies to help them advance their cannabis products.

The Vegreville team's competitive advantage lies in the expertise, historic record and existing system for handling controlled substances like cannabis. As a controlled substance licensee, they offer research and development and analytical services that non-licensees cannot for the short term.  InnoTech Alberta is looking to expand the core facility to meet the anticipated market demand.

This event will take place, rain or shine: please dress accordingly.

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Phone: 780-632-8618

Event details

Date:  Thursday, July 26, 2018
Time: 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Location: InnoTech Alberta - Vegreville Facility - Hwy 16A & 75 St. Vegreville, AB

Please note, unregistered participants may be turned away, depending on attendance.

Learn more about the facility's team lead, Jan Slaski

Jan Slaski is the team lead of the crop development and management department. He has a long-standing record in the field testing medical cannabis that has been available in Canada over the past 14 years. He has performed mycotoxin and microbial analyses - a service is not offered within the private sector.

Jan speaks with attendees at last year's Field Day.

Jan has been serving hemp industry as a director of the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance since 2012. His research also focusses on the development of best management practices of staple prairie crops that include cereals, pulses, canola as well as novel crops such as flax, quinoa and the Jerusalem artichoke.

He leads the research aimed at introduction and breeding of hemp varieties that suit the needs of the fibre and food industries on the prairies for the past 17 years. The hemp plants range from short ones with easy-to-harvest seeds to tall ones used for their stalks. The team work with hemp varieties that suit the prairies' fibre and food industries. The team grows 14 types of hemp on its 600-acre research farm in Vegreville

Hemp is a multi-purpose crop where every part of the plant has a use. Proof of hemp-related products sit in Jan's office: insulated construction blocks; erosion control mats; lightweight, dent-resistant car parts; and a longboard made from a fibreglass-like bio-composite, not to mention beer, granola and Grande Prairie's Stoked Vodka.