Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, - Alberta Innovates congratulates the four Canada CIFAR Artificial Intelligence (CCAI) Chairs appointed to the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii). Angel Chang, PhD; Alona Fyshe, PhD; Martha White, PhD; and James Wright, PhD have all been named as CCAI Chairs adding considerable expertise and experience to Amii.

The 29 CCAI Chairs are the next wave of artificial intelligence researchers who will continue to build and sustain Canada's excellence in the field. The Chairs are nominated by and will be affiliated with one of three national institutes: Amii (Edmonton), Mila (Montreal) and the Vector Institute (Toronto).

Amii is an Alberta-based research lab advancing the knowledge and understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Amii is at the center of artificial intelligence developments in Edmonton and Alberta and a magnet that is attracting the world's best artificial intelligence experts. In 2017 Alberta Innovates helped Amii transition to a UAlberta-affiliated not-for-profit entity from a university-based institute, with an investment of nearly $2 million. Since 2002, Alberta Innovates has provided $42 million in funding to Amii and its predecessor organization, the Alberta Innovates Centre for Machine Learning, along with Strategic Research Chair funding for Dr. Richard Sutton and Student Scholarships.


Attracting experts to Alberta keeps us at the forefront of emerging technologies that are changing the world and diversifying our economy. We've had a long history supporting Amii and look forward to advancing the innovation agenda collaboratively for economic growth in the future.

Laura Kilcrease, CEO, Alberta Innovates

Amii is thrilled to be part of this historic announcement and to play a pivotal role in growing Alberta and Canada's artificial intelligence talent. The CCAI Chairs announcement is not only a signal that Canada remains a world-leading destination for artificial intelligence but also that essential investments - like those from Alberta Innovates and the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy - are working.

John Shillington , CEO, Amii

Rising Tide is committed to investing in innovative ventures in Canada and right here in Alberta. Edmonton and Alberta's leadership in artificial intelligence research help us convert more of this research to commercialization and yield economic benefits as well as advance the quality of life for humanity. We look forward to working in a collaborative manner in funding and mentoring the new ventures that emerge from this investment.

Ashif Mawji , Venture Partner, Rising Tide

It is largely because of the amazing group of researchers at Amii and at the University of Alberta that we see some of the best talent from around the world come to Alberta. Given this we believe that a strong Amii is vital to the success of our artificial intelligence and machine learning ecosystem. We applaud the investments that Alberta Innovates continues to make in Amii and hope to see continued support for our emerging commercialization cluster in Western Canada.

Cory Janssen, Co-Founder, AltaML Inc. 


The University of Alberta and Amii attract and produce some of the best talent in this space.

  • The two world renowned centers are home to over 20 of the world's top artificial intelligence researchers.
  • The researchers also teach and generate top talent for the artificial intelligence industry, reinforcing Canada's world-leading position.

Amii has established many commercial collaborations including Google's DeepMind (first office outside of the UK is in Edmonton), Mitsubishi Electric and RBC's Borealis AI (Edmonton was the first city to have this lab).

Amii is at the forefront of world-class artificial intelligence research. Through Amii, Alberta is well positioned as one of the best locations for innovative commercial applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning globally.

Amii: The Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute is an Edmonton-based research lab that pushes the bounds of academic knowledge and guides business understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Amii aims to advance scientific research, cultivate talent and enhance business so that it can build a thriving machine intelligence ecosystem in Alberta.

Visit amii.ca for more.

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