Blackline is well on its way to achieving its vision of becoming the leading supplier of wirelessly connected gas detection and lone worker monitoring products in the world.

Alberta's Blackline Safety Corp. won two 2018 New Product of the Year awards from the high-profile American Occupational Health & Safety magazine, bringing its total to six new product awards.This success comes no surprise to AI Technology Development Advisor Michael Kerr, who has been working with the company for six years. "The first time I visited Blackline, there were three posters on the wall, one for each of their products. Now, that wall is covered. For each product, they know exactly what it does and what the markets are. Those markets are diverse because the Blackline technology platform works across multiple industries."

Blackline's technology monitors for atmospheric hazards and the wellbeing of personnel working alone in populated areas, indoors within complex facilities and in remote areas. Whether the problem is a gas leak, health event or injury, Blackline's G7 connected safety device enables a response in seconds. The product line incorporates leading incident detection and advanced location technology with 3G and satellite communications to ensure seamless monitoring.

Alberta Innovates has helped Blackline grow its business in different ways including connecting the company to international markets, venture capital, and funding through TECTERRA. Direct support from Alberta Innovates has come in the form of vouchers for commercialization projects and funding for two R&D associates to provide expertise to accelerate business ideas. TDA Michael Kerr also helped the company develop a trial with Alberta Health Services for nurses working alone.

"Right from the start, Blackline got the blend of business and technology just right," said Kerr. "They grew strategically, not boom and bust.

"Probably most striking is their never-ending commitment to innovation. Even as a small company, Blackline had an R&D unit in their shop. As a mid-sized company, R&D is still the backbone. Blackline is relentless in focusing on improving its products."