Alberta Innovates is leading the evolution of healthcare as a connector, collaborator, convener, and funder, driving improvement in the entire healthcare ecosystem. We're shifting the paradigm from high cost, high acuity health care to personalized, self-managed care that's digitally enabled and data informed. New solutions are forging the creation of a more affordable, accessible and higher-quality healthcare system in Alberta. Our shift is putting people at the centre of the solution to radically transform how healthcare is designed, delivered and received. Combining the science of data modelling, genomics, advanced algorithms and robotics, with the art of patient engagement, is revolutionizing the way we treat disease and more importantly, how we prevent it. We are developing key partnerships with industry, health service delivery providers, academic institutions, non-profits, and citizens to accelerate these new technologies and processes.

In Alberta, we are combining our collective strengths to re-imagine healthcare delivery while simultaneously creating new economic opportunities for our province. To do this, we must be bold. We must embrace digital- and data-based innovation to help achieve modernized and integrated care models, accelerate health research, and engage stakeholders and citizens to re-imagine and create solutions together. Together, we will build a bold culture ready to push boundaries, stretch our thinking and change the world.

Join us as we embark on a bold new path, a journey to help build a vibrant and thriving digital health ecosystem in Alberta. And when we are done, the world will recognize Alberta as the leader in digital health.

"The world is witnessing increasing benefits that digital solutions offer to empower citizens and improve health outcomes. Alberta is taking bold steps with strategic digital health investments to ensure we are globally competitive in securing health and economic benefits for our province."

Sunil Rajput, PhD, Director of Research, Health Innovation

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