C-FER Technologies (C-FER), is a partner for industry, providing large-scale testing facilities, and engineering consulting with a focus on safety for industrial and energy projects.

As a subsidiary of Alberta Innovates, C-FER is part of the broader provincial approach to supporting and driving innovative solutions for the big challenges facing several sectors.

This includes working with industry to evaluate and implement new technologies for a future hydrogen economy. Working with industry, C-FER is developing industry codes and standards to ensure a safe hydrogen transition.

With Hydrogen and CCUS technologies advancing as tools towards net-zero, C-FER experts are looking at the complexities of transporting gas, gas/hydrogen mixes, hydrogen, and CO2 from production to storage to market.

Thanks to an investment by the Hydrogen Centre of Excellence in hydrogen facilities coupled with its in-house expertise, C-FER is ready to solve hydrogen technology challenges.

C-FER, with colleagues at Alberta Innovates and InnoTech Alberta, is showing the comprehensive solutions, from funding to applied research to testing, being offered by the corporation at the Canadian Hydrogen Convention.

Drop by the Alberta Innovates exhibit space to see a scale model of C-FER’s testing facility and test frames.

Technical Conference delegates can join Brian Wagg, Director of Strategic Initiatives, and InnoTech’s Hydrogen lead Martin Huard at 9:00 a.m. in Salon 9 to hear about the Future of Hydrogen Research and Testing, or in Salon 8 at 3:00 p.m. to learn about Using Legacy Pipelines to transport hydrogen gas with Mark Cuglietta.

Stay tuned for more information about how C-FER is partnering to share it’s expertise internationally.