Inventures Unbound live stream speakers tackle a timely topic: Innovation of Work

Calgary, Alberta...The world of work is not immune to disruption or evolution. In fact, the quickly changing face of workplaces is bringing with it significant opportunities and challenges, while the evolving nature and expectations of the workforce are creating new classes of work and new standards of operation.

Amid the changes already happening and those brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems particularly pressing that organizations grasp the sea-change and adapt to the new normal-and the forthcoming new-normal.

To help us better understand what's happening in our workplaces our jobs, and our workforce, are six speakers who will share their professional, academic and personal insights with Inventures Unbound participants on June 3, 2020 over three sessions:

  • Pivot Ready: Building Agility and Adaptation Into the Future of Work, with Christine Gouldie, co-founder and CEO of Granville Biomedical, and researcher Hermes Huang, co-founder and managing partner at InsightPact and Viajai Learning Studios.
  • How Technology and Mixed Reality Innovate Remote Collaboration, with Amy Peck, Sr. Director of Enterprise Content at HTC Vive Studios and founder of EndeavorVR and Adam Chambers, head of technology at Digital Surgeons.
  • No Robot Apocalypse: How AI Can Build and Help You Understand Your Future Workforce, with Jessica Brown of Faethm AI, and Stavros Demetriou, a partner in KPMG's management consulting practice.

"Many of us are seeing first-hand the challenges of a changing workplace, but instead of tackling them alone, we are best-served as a community of innovators to come together and learn from each other," said Alberta Innovation CEO Laura Kilcrease. "I'm particularly pleased that despite the global disruptions, we are able to come together across boundaries, virtually through live stream capabilities."

The innovation taking place today in workplaces across the globe will have far-reaching implications for those of us in the workforce and those about to enter. Join 2,000+ creative and curious minds as we learn from the innovators and disruptors making change during Inventures Unbound live stream sessions on June 3, 2020.

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