May COVID-19 Rapid Response Funding Opportunity

CIHR, Alberta Innovates, and other partners launched a second COVID-19 Rapid Research Funding Opportunity in April 2020. Competition results were made public on June 25, 2020.

Together, Alberta Innovates, CIHR, and other partners are investing $109.7 M over one year in 139 projects across Canada. This includes $15.3 million going to 21 Alberta-led projects, two of which are co-funded by Alberta Innovates and CIHR.

As a competition partner, Alberta Innovates is proud of the overwhelming response from the Alberta research community. Alberta Innovates is now working with provincial partners to assess Alberta-led proposals that were ranked highly in CIHR's peer review process but did not meet the funding cut-off. With a limited amount of additional funding available, this secondary review is focused on Alberta-led applications (i.e., with an administering institution in the province) that scored 4.00 or higher in the competition. This cut-off was determined by weighing the sheer volume of highly ranked applications, recommendations from CIHR's peer review, and overall percentile rankings. Results will be made public by the end of July.