17 technology companies share over $3 million in competition to bring digital technology to energy industry

(Calgary, Alberta) July 16, 2020 - Alberta Innovates is announcing 17 successful projects in its Digital Innovation in Clean Energy (DICE) program. These technology development opportunities will receive over $3 million in funding from Alberta Innovates.

DICE projects will develop and bring technology to market that create jobs in the digital economy, improve the efficiency of energy production at all levels, reduce GHG emissions and contributes to environmental innovations in water and land management. The DICE program reduces innovation risk for Albertans while developing additional skills and knowledge in the digital innovation ecosystem for highly qualified personnel. It's a shot in the arm for Alberta's digital capability and for the energy industry to benefit from the latest technology.

Calgary's Exergy Solutions is one of the successful applicants in the DICE competition. They are a technology company that is a leader in accelerating innovation to create practical and value-added solutions for Alberta's energy industry. They focus on 3D printing, prototype design and AR/VR visualization and training. Exergy won one of 17 Alberta Innovates' Digital Innovation in Clean Energy (DICE) grants to improve their virtual reality solutions for Canada's energy industry.

Exergy technology is used to create virtual reality models of oil and gas facilities which allow operators to train personnel and test safety scenarios on a computer rather than onsite. With this $200 thousand grant from Alberta Innovates, Exergy is now able to enhance the technology to allow it to respond and interact in real time. Oil and gas operators can, for example, test a system by opening a valve and the virtual reality simulation will respond accurately by showing how the system reacts to the operator input.

Exergy's technology is particularly relevant today where COVID-19 restrictions make it difficult or unsafe to work in close proximity to other workers or make travel impossible. Operators can use the technology to train and test equipment without the need to travel to remote sites or to train new operators who are in a different part of Alberta.


"We know that technology is the key to future economic success - it impacts all sectors of the economy, and is a key part of Alberta's economic strategy moving forward. Our government is working hard to show the world that Alberta is a place where innovation thrives and incredible talent lives. These 17 winning projects for the DICE program are proof that Alberta is a place where great ideas and innovation - particularly in the clean energy sector - come to life."
Tanya Fir, Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Tourism

"The DICE competition brings together the energy and digital technology sectors to solve existing challenges and generate new opportunities. Creating sustainable jobs for highly qualified Albertans is the impact that innovation delivers in both near and long term."
Laura Kilcrease, CEO, Alberta Innovates

"We are excited to be selected to participate in Alberta Innovates DICE program to continue to drive provincial economic growth and diversity through technological innovations. Our project is the development of a training simulator which will use Dynamic VR (D-VR) Digital Twin technologies to improve the effectiveness and efficiency in operator training in the energy industry."
Billy Rideout, President, Exergy Solutions


The DICE program provides up to $200,000 persuccessful project for a total of over $3 million. DICE funding is thenleveraged by the private sector over 4.5 times to create over $13 million invalue for Alberta's economy. Over fifty jobs for highly qualified personnel arecreated immediately with up to 468 jobs created in Alberta once the projectsare complete. 

DICE maintains Alberta's competitive advantage and ensures that our primary industries remain competitive and sustainable using the latest technology.

Applicant Project Title Requested AI Funding Total Project Budget Sector Focus Technology Type
University of Alberta, Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering Blockchain-Based Smart Contracts in the Future Smart Grid $ 162,233 $ 2,548,633 Renewable & Alternative Energy Blockchain
Validere Validere Edge: Identifying More Efficient Opportunities and Decreasing Carbon Miles and Waste $ 200,000 $ 400,000 Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production Data Analytics
MADALA SOFTWARE Online Optimization and Surveillance of SAGD Production Wells $ 111,370 $ 278,425 Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production Data Analytics
Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada / AirMarket Energy Unmanned Traffic Management Trials (Energy UTM) $ 125,000 $ 2,450,000 Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production UAV/Robotics
PureHM Inc Monitor Cathodic Protection, Corrosion and Interference on Multiple Pipelines Using Versatile IOT Telemetry Solution $ 200,000 $ 500,000 Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production Internet of Things
ntwist inc Artificial Intelligence for Process Optimization and Energy Reduction in Electric Vehicle Battery Materials Production $ 200,000 $ 493,950 Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production Automation
Revival Analytics Ltd. Digital Remote Oil and Gas Well Monitoring and Leak Detection: Software and Ecosystem Development $ 200,000 $ 650,868 Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production Data Analytics
Arcus Power Corp Improved Electrical Demand Forecasting Techniques in Presence of Behind the Meter Distributed Solar Generation $ 158,557 $ 317,114 Renewable & Alternative Energy Prediction
Synauta Inc. Development of OPEX Saving, Machine Learning Algorithms for Reverse Osmosis $ 200,000 $ 3,054,921 Water Innovation Machine Learning
Imperial Microseismic Monitoring for Well Surveillance Using Deep Learning $ 200,000 $ 750,000 Land & Biodiversity Machine Learning
GuildOne Inc. Questor Integrated Emissions Data Measurement and Reporting Platform $ 200,000 $ 2,212,000 Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production Blockchain
Grayblock Power Blockchain Enabled Community Power Generation Development $  200,000 $ 400,000 Carbon Capture & Utilization Blockchain
Exergy Solutions Inc Dynamic VR (D-VR) Training Model $ 200,000 $ 544,800 Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production AR/VR
Akine Well Optimization Services Inc. Dynamometer Classification and Machine Learning Identification of Real-Time Well Behavior for the Digital Oilfield - Phase I $ 200,000 $ 735,450 Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production Automation
University of Calgary Digital Technologies in Reservoir Interpretation and Production Prediction $ 200,000 $ 459,200 Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production Machine Learning
Galatea Technologies Inc. Multivariate Optimization and Automation of Oilfield Disposal & Transportation Logistics $ 200,000 $ 500,000 Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production Data Analytics
Optimal Solutions Ltd. Application of Cutting-Edge Toolkit for Optimal Operation of River Basin Infrastructure $ 75,000 $ 190,000 Water Innovation Machine Learning
  Total $3,032,160 $16,485,361    


Exergy Solutions (Exergy) is a Canadian company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta that aims to accelerate innovation for a better life. Its service offerings include: AR/VR implementation, 3D printing/modelling and digital solutions. With clients in various industries including oil and gas, utilities and mining, Exergy helps its clients develop a competitive advantage to outperform in their area of business. Employing over 30 talented engineering and technical professionals, its team uses technology to create simple and efficient work processes. Exergy is committed to delivering a long standing impact to its customers and the greater community. Visit us at

Media inquiries for Exergy Solutions may be directed to:
Erica Richardson | 403-988-0751

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