EDMONTON, ALBERTA, September 21, 2023 – Alberta Innovates and Nordic Health Lab, of Denmark, are joining forces through a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to improve health innovation in both Alberta and Denmark.

The MOU will establish a means to share, collaborate and build a better more vibrant health innovation ecosystem for both Alberta and Denmark. The MOU will accelerate innovation and provide a means for exchanging ideas and best practices. Both agencies will work together to establish, promote, develop, launch, and maintain cooperation and knowledge-transfer related to health sciences. They will share learnings, provide channels for cross-disciplinary collaboration and accelerate ideas into solutions, all while measuring impact and assessing value.

The Nordic Health Lab is a non-profit association that works with Public-Private Innovation bridge-building between the public healthcare system and private companies to accelerate the use and adoption of innovative health solutions. They do so by matching the companies’ solutions with the needs of hospitals and municipalities to co-create and accelerate innovative solutions that improve healthcare. The MOU will be supported by the Royal Danish Embassy in Canada as well as the Canadian Embassy in Denmark.


“Technology is the future of every industry, including healthcare. This collaboration between Alberta Innovates and the Nordic Health Lab is going to accelerate the pace of innovation in Alberta’s healthcare system. By working together, we can replicate the success Denmark has had in connecting the best and brightest innovators with the folks on the front lines delivering healthcare, which will mean better healthcare for Albertans.”
- Nate Glubish, Minister of Technology and Innovation


“Alberta Innovates celebrates the signing of this memorandum of understanding with the Nordic Health Lab. Partnerships like this are critical to making a real difference to healthcare innovation in Alberta. We’re excited by the possibilities this partnership brings for Albertans and people around the world.”
- Laura Kilcrease, CEO, Alberta Innovates


“Collaborating with Alberta Innovates will create the needed climate for advancing the implementation of companies’ solutions so they reach the hands of hard-working healthcare professionals while making a difference for citizens in Canada, Denmark and beyond.”
- Jesper Juel-Helwig, CEO, Nordic Health Lab


Watch a video interview between Tim Murphy, Vice President of Health at Alberta Innovates, and Jesper Juel Helwig, CEO of Nordic Health Lab:

Nordic Health Lab is a non-profit association that builds bridges between private companies and the public healthcare system. We match the companies’ solutions with the needs of hospitals and municipalities to co-create and accelerate innovative solutions that improve the quality of healthcare.
This way, we can accelerate the use of innovative solutions that ensure our present and future health.
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