Inventures 2019 brought together some 4,000 innovators,investors, industry leaders and thought leaders from 32 countries. With morethan 230 speakers, 100 plus program tracks and sixtracks, Inventuresconcentrated advanced thinking, business-focused opportunities and globalleadership in some of the most exciting areas of innovation. Now it's back for2020, promising new opportunities to connect with big thinkers, forge businessrelationships, and strike deals.

"Inventures is fast becoming the hotbed for tech stars withbreakthrough ideas," says Alberta Innovates CEO, Laura Kilcrease. "It's theplace to make global connections, meet investors, and to gain first-handknowledge of the incredible economic potential this province holds."

This year, we're bringing fresh insights to six new themes:

Innovation of Work

The rise of the 'do anything fromanywhere' gig economy workforce is being shaped by technologies that overcomedistance and time.

Agriculture in theTechnology Age

Nearly one billion people on earthare undernourished. Advancements in genomics and real time sensor data,combined with the far-reaching zero waste movement, is driving a wholesaleredesign of food production and processing systems.

The Future is AI

Artificial intelligence will add$13 trillion to the global economy over the next decade according to McKinsey.The wide spectrum of intelligent automation and algorithmic learningtechnologies represents a powerful and adaptive strategic platform.

Healthier Living, BroaderThinking

Innovation is revolutionizing theway we treat disease and how we can prevent it. Sensor technology, predictivedata models, advanced algorithms and robotics are at the heart of thetransformation in how health care is designed, delivered and received.

Smart Cities, VibrantCommunities

Innovation is transforming citiesfrom concrete monoliths to symbiotic neighborhoods where people live, work andplay. Adaptive communities that are climate resilient and resource efficientare emerging on a foundation of smart electricity grids, regenerative utilitysystems, 3-D construction technologies and sustainable materials.

Data in the Digital World

Data is the new currency - with an estimated 20 billion active IoT (internet of things) devices in use. This is driving monumental leaps in blockchain, quantum computing, fintech and an augmented analytics market that DatSci predicts will reach $18.4 billion globally by 2023.

In addition to the six new tracks, Inventures has just announced a special series, Creating the Future for Energy Resources. Bitumen Beyond Combustion and Blue Hydrogen are at the forefront of global conversations. Exploring innovations around energy production and consumption, this series is sure to drive conversations in Alberta and beyond.

While innovation is good, we don't need to reinvent every wheel. Inventures continues to offer opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, students, academics, industry thought leaders and advisors to connect, pitch, learn, share and showcase their work.

Inventures is still accepting speakers nominations, pitch competition applications, and trade show exhibitors.

Join us in Calgary, from June 3-5, for this not-to-be missed event. For more information and to get your tickets, visit the Inventures website.